Why do some people blink often

Why do so many forget to blink?

The blinkers have now become a small nuisance - in the city, across the country, on the motorway, when leaving the roundabout: Hardly half of the drivers of any age use the blinker where it is required. This serves the flow of traffic and safety! Does anyone here acknowledge that they are not a blinker and why?
Since our society is evidently becoming more and more inconsiderate, Blinken is now under data protection ;-) What is it to you, where I want to go! * laugh *
So, I'm definitely NOT a blinker and have actually asked myself this question several times. The only reason I could think of is that blinking is pretty much the only activity while driving that you do exclusively for OTHERS and that you have nothing of YOURSELF.

One or two years ago, the ADAC carried out a survey according to which a third of all motorists regularly operated the blinker. In other words: two thirds of the road users don't care about the others.

Or, in other words: Road traffic seems to be a precise mirror of society ...
@lyxx: I totally disagree with that. I always blink, and I am aware of why I am doing this: so that someone behind me can see where I want to go. So I do that for ME and not just for the other. Perhaps the training in driving schools is no longer sufficient here, or cars should be developed that flash automatically as soon as you turn the steering wheel to any degree ... I don't know. We agree that those who don't like blinkers are often a traffic hazard, but apparently they don't understand that, above all, they are endangering their OWN life.
I'm also a bit blinkered. Aaaaber, only when I'm practically alone on the road :-) And admittedly, when the priority road turns, I don't always think about '' cough '', but I promise to get better!
Street is war, everyone against everyone, and you have to leave your opponent in the dark! In addition, the easiest way to move the indicator is to put your finger a little bit out of the steering wheel when turning the steering wheel. Then you have shown your goodwill!
Because in Germany it is seldom dangerous for the driver if he forgets to blink. It's like a lot of things in life - if you've learned to do something but don't see it's different, if you forget it, at some point you let it slip.

In France it was (is?) A little different. There were (are?) Many three-lane country roads where the middle strip serves as a passing lane for both directions. You can tell whether a car is coming towards you by the fact that the indicator is permanently on on the left side of the car. Anyone who forgets this is in acute danger of life.
I think a lot of people are overwhelmed with driving themselves. When I see that there are people who, when reversing out of parking spaces, still have to think about the direction in which the car is moving when the steering wheel is turned, or when driving, they have to check which gear is currently engaged, then I am not surprised that some People also forget to blink.

These people are so focused on coupling, accelerating, watching traffic, shifting gear, etc. that no "automatism" occurs that makes you blink when you turn.

If I had to think "now I have to blink" every time I turn, in order not to forget it, then I WOULD forget it every now and then.

But experienced drivers do this automatically.
There are certainly various reasons, sometimes I leave the indicator off. Anyone who has ever driven Datschia (company car) knows how loud such a blinker is. You can almost compare it to a scooter blinker. You can't turn off the beeping either. So I leave the indicator off and don't have the noise in my ears ...