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The penis world map is here [statistics map]

Good news for women who are not averse to a romantic night of love on vacation: The world map of penis lengths, published on "laenderdaten.info", provides information about where the men of creation are best or worst equipped.

If you like it average, you can stay at home right away. In the statistics of the average penis length, Mr.Austrian is in the good middle field (14.53 centimeters).

World map of penis lengths

On the "world map of penis lengths" - unlike in real life - women can see at a glance where men in the world have the largest and smallest penis.

Every cliché seems to be confirmed in the statistics. Africans are said to be literally miles ahead of Asians when it comes to the average penis length.

With a median of 17.93 centimeters, the Congo the men with the longest genitals.

But South America is also very big. In Ecuador the women can look forward to an average of 17.61 centimeters and thus come in second. Colombia and Venezuela share third place with each other with an average of 17.03 centimeters.

Cameroon (16.67), Bolivia (16.51 cm) and Sudan (16.47 cm) are also at the forefront. The worldwide average value of an erect penis is 14.03 centimeters.

Penis lengths in Austria and neighboring countries

The Austrian men are in the good midfield with 14.53 centimeters. However, our neighbors raise the bar a little higher.

The are in ascending order Switzerland (14.35 cm) next, followed by Germany (14.52 cm), after that comes Hungary (14.99 cm) and Italy is at the front with an average penis length of 15.35 centimeters.

Brevity is the soul of wit

The North and South Koreans With an average length of 9.66 centimeters, they bring up the rear of the penis lengths. Cambodians with 10.4 centimeters and Thai people at 10.16 centimeters are just ahead of it.

How is penis length measured?

The length of the erect penis is usually measured at the top from the base of the shaft to the tip of the glans. Fat pads above the base of the penis may be slightly pressed in when measuring.

The penis length world map is based on the results of various studies. For this purpose, statistical data from trusted research centers and reports from around the world have been aggregated. How exactly the studies were carried out and how many subjects were worked with can be seen from some of the sources listed on the page of the world map below.

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