How do I find a good lawyer

How do I find a good lawyer?

Anyone who encounters legal difficulties would do well to seek legal assistance at an early stage. A good lawyer helps in legal disputes, but also in the context of out-of-court negotiations.

The most important things in a nutshell: Finding the right lawyer

Checklist - find the right lawyer:

  • Specialist lawyers have particular expertise in certain areas of law.
  • A good lawyer does not necessarily have to be on site to provide you with competent assistance.
  • Online platforms such as KLUGO help you to find the right lawyer for your legal problem.

Which lawyer is the right lawyer for me?

There is a suitable lawyer for every legal problem - regardless of the specific case structure. While Specialist lawyers often have special qualifications for a specific area of ​​law Lawyers Without specialization, basically there for all clients who are looking for legal support.

Finding the right lawyer can be difficult at times. This is due, among other things, to the fact that the number of lawyers in cities has become almost unmanageable. Here, clients are spoiled for choice - and it is not uncommon for those seeking law to ask themselves which lawyer is actually responsible for what.

Specialist lawyers are available in the following areas of law, for example:

In addition, there are of course a number of other specialist lawyer titles in Germany.

Which lawyer is responsible for what?

An employment law attorney is asked, for example, if you as an employee have doubts about the effectiveness of a termination or if you have received a bad job reference from your employer. In criminal law, a lawyer is at your side in all stages of criminal proceedings. This applies to interviews as a suspect as well as legal support for criminal measures such as pre-trial detention or a search.

Legal advice is also often of great value in tax law. A lawyer specializing in tax law should be brought in when it comes to the subject of tax evasion and criminal tax law - if convicted, there is a risk of severe sanctions.

Banking law and insurance law are also areas of law that can have a major impact on your own financial situation - for example in the context of investment advice or around the loan contract, but also in the event of difficulties with the insurance benefits of disability insurance, liability insurance or health insurance. Therefore, legal advice from a competent specialist lawyer is also advisable here in the event of legal disputes.

A Specialist attorney can support especially if it is specific to a certain subject area goes. As a rule, a lawyer without a specialist focus can reliably take care of general legal questions or legal problems of a fundamental nature. The legal training lays the foundation for this already during the studies - however, there are good reasons for choosing a specialist lawyer when it comes to the best possible legal support:

Specialist lawyers are absolute Professionals in "their" field Experience ensures a better starting position in disputes Expertise can be particularly advantageous when representing someone in court

If you know your legal problem and can identify it, it is advisable to consult a lawyer who is well versed in the respective field of law right from the start. This prevents you from having to change lawyers because you feel bad or inadequately looked after.

How Do I Know a Good Lawyer?

In principle, the focus of legal work is on cooperation with clients. This must be characterized by trust and take into account the needs that are brought to the lawyer by those seeking legal advice.

As a client, you should use the Have securityto be able to approach your lawyer at any time with legal questions. Inadequate communication leads to a disturbed relationship in the long term and makes it difficult for both parties to to work together efficiently - then the time has often come when a change of lawyer makes sense.

Characteristics of a good lawyer include:

  • Expertise and qualifications
  • Professional Experience
  • Reliability in terms of appointments, deadlines and arrangements
  • reachability
  • transparent way of working
  • functioning and immediate flow of information

Does the lawyer have to be near me?

Unlike in the past, today it is also possible to legal support to look for, which is not characterized by the proximity to the client. Many elements of the legal work are meanwhile also in digital form possible and demonstrably facilitate the cooperation between lawyer and client.

Of course, in view of the technical progress, there are reasons for the lawyer to be in the local area. This can be important, for example, if there are actually legal proceedings and the presence of the lawyer is required. The presence of the lawyer is also relevant for out-of-court negotiations.

The lawyer of your choice can, but does not necessarily have to, maintain his main focus of activity in the immediate vicinity. Legal advice by phone or email is now easily possible and in many cases replaces the personal meeting in the office.

KLUGO will help you there, quickly and without detours to find the right lawyer for your legal question and makes the entire process uncomplicated and transparent. You don't have to go looking for it yourself: We select an experienced and qualified lawyer from our Germany-wide network who specializes in your specific legal matter.

How do I find a lawyer online?

Anyone who would like to find out more online about which lawyer is available for legal advice can use different platforms. Lawyers themselves also provide information on specialist areas and services on their websites.

At KLUGO, we select a suitable and experienced lawyer for your specific legal problem. After an initial consultation, you have the choice of engaging a lawyer - if legal representation is actually necessary. This results from the consultation, which also includes information about the costs of the legal process. The additional costs that arise in the course of the proceedings depend on numerous factors - but also on the amount in dispute and on the judicial authority involved in the proceedings.

The Federal Bar Association (BRAK for short) also offers a comprehensive overview of regionally licensed lawyers and the areas of law they cover.

The advantages of online legal advice

An online legal advice facilitated mutually cooperation and uses digital communication channels to handle individual and uncomplicated advice.

This is recommended especially in the Cases of specific legal questions - these can often be answered within a few minutes through an initial contact. Going to the local lawyer is no longer necessary. But online advice can also be of advantage in the case of complex legal problems, because: It facilitates cooperation and saves the potentially stressful search and, above all, valuable time.

This is how KLUGO can help you find a lawyer

KLUGO will help you find the right lawyer for your personal legal matter. With our online platform, we make law seekers easy, quick and at any time possible. The initial consultation will give you first pointers and orientation. Of course, you are then free to choose whether you would like to hire a qualified lawyer.

Do you have a legal question?

Then simply use KLUGO legal advice. Legal advice is a telephone conversation with a certified lawyer from our network.

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