Goldendoodles are good with children

Family dog ​​breeds: these dogs are good for children

Many children want a dog as a pet and playmate. Parents who wish to indulge in this desire should be aware that not all breeds are suitable as a family dog.

Many children want a dog as a pet and playmate. Parents who wish to indulge in this desire should be aware that not all breeds are suitable as a family dog.

Key facts at a glance:

  • Given different preferences and life situations, there is not one dog that is suitable for all families.
  • Family dog ​​breeds should not have a strong hunting instinct or protective instinct and should not be prone to aggression.
  • Good family dogs are characterized by a high stimulus threshold, a moderate urge to move and a child-loving nature.
  • To avoid high veterinary costs, we recommend that you take out health insurance for your family dog.

There is no such thing as the perfect family dog ​​breed

Every family is different. While one is very active and likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, the other prefers to take it a little more relaxed. The ideas of what characteristics the family dog ​​should have are therefore very different and general recommendations about the breed are practically impossible.

But even if there is not just one dog for all families, there are at least certain characteristics that family dog ​​breeds should definitely have.

These characteristics distinguish family dog ​​breeds:

  • No excessive hunting instinct
  • A high stimulus threshold
  • No tendency to aggression
  • Not too strong a protective instinct
  • Patience in dealing with children
  • Not too much urge to move

Popular family dog ​​breeds at a glance

There are numerous breeds, both large and small, that make great family dogs. Some of them are particularly calm, while others are very active and enjoy moving, so that every family should find the ideal dog without any problems.

For example, the following family dog ​​breeds are particularly popular:

  • Labrador
  • Golden retriever
  • English bulldog
  • beagle
  • Newfoundland
  • boxer
  • French bulldog
  • pug
  • Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Goldendoodle

The labrador

The Labrador is actually a hunting dog, but has an extremely peaceful nature and is also characterized by patience and obedience. The intelligent four-legged friends are among the most popular family dog ​​breeds and are perfect for active owners.

The golden retriever

The golden retriever is also one of the hunting dogs. Its essence is very similar to that of the Labrador. He has a strong need to please his owner and is therefore easy to raise. Although golden retrievers need a lot of exercise, they are loyal family dogs who get along well with children.

The English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is rightly considered particularly lazy. Although originally descended from dogs that were bred to fight with bulls and conspecifics, she is extremely peaceful and fond of children. Families who like to take it easy will definitely make a good choice with the English Bulldog as a family dog.

The beagle

If you are looking for a medium-sized and active family dog, you should definitely take a closer look at the Beagle. The agile hunting dogs are considered playful, cheerful and fond of children, which makes them an excellent family dog ​​breed. However, it is important for the Beagle's well-being to get enough exercise.

The Newfoundland

Despite their imposing size and their high urge to move, Newfoundland dogs prove to be good-natured and devoted contemporaries. They are also characterized by their considerate approach to children and are therefore ideally suited as family dogs.

The boxer

Although the boxer doesn't look like that due to his somewhat grim facial features, he is in truth very peaceful, balanced and fond of children. As a family dog, it also benefits from its playfulness, which, however, requires a certain degree of consistency in terms of upbringing.

The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a classic companion dog who, despite his occasional cockiness, is always peaceful. Even if French Bulldogs can be a little stubborn at times, the more cozy four-legged friends have long been one of the most popular family dog ​​breeds.

The pug

The pug is best known for its striking appearance and characteristic facial wrinkles. Apart from that, he is characterized by a peaceful and balanced nature. Since his physique restricts his mobility considerably, the pug is particularly suitable as a family dog ​​for moderately active owners.

The Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs were originally bred as watch dogs and draft animals. Thanks to their good-natured demeanor and easy-going manner, however, they have meanwhile also developed into a popular family dog ​​breed. Bernese Mountain Dogs develop a close bond with their owners and prove to be extremely fond of children.

The Goldendoodle

The Goldendoodle is a cross between poodles and golden retrievers that has been bred as an allergy dog ​​since the 1990s. Its friendly nature also makes the Goldendoodle a great family dog ​​breed that needs to be kept busy both mentally and physically.

Why your family dog ​​needs health insurance

Even if your family dog ​​is spared illness, regular visits to the vet for preventive measures such as vaccinations are inevitable and, of course, come at a cost. At the latest in the case of a serious illness or an accident, things get really expensive. The veterinary costs then quickly reach four-digit sums and tear a big hole in the household budget. If you want to protect yourself against this and always give your beloved family dog ​​the best possible treatment, we recommend that you take out dog health insurance with Petplan. Choose from our three low tariffs and send us your insurance application today.

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