What is the greatest sexual secret

The 10 Biggest Sex Secrets

The 10 Biggest Sex Secrets

What are the best orgasm tricks and how do the Budapest leg scissors work? We have revealed the 10 biggest sex secrets for you.

Sex is beautiful - and when we have developed a little practice in it, often even more beautiful. Every new partner has varieties that want to be explored. But at some point we know blindly what makes the other person tick: First we nibble on his ear, because then he always sighs so sweetly. Now we slide deeper to that cheeky left nipple. A little deeper until he starts to moan so comfortably, then purposefully ... Stop! At this point we would like to pause briefly. Because even if we are happy that we are doing so well together: Small changes of course change the routine and provide erotic wow moments. We just have to know how. We'll tell you the best sex secrets for a fulfilling love life.

1. To orgasm in sleep? This works out!

According to a study by the University of Montreal, men and women have erotic dreams to the same extent. But only four percent of these dream fantasies lead to an orgasm! However, it is often even more intense than in the waking state because inhibitions and compulsions are reduced during sleep. A piquant detail of the study: only 20 percent of women experienced the cinema in their heads with their current treasure, with men it was only 14 percent. Dream beautiful ...

2. Why do men like "dirty talk"?

The answer is simple and has little to do with the prejudice that every guy dreams of having porn in his own bedroom: Dirty talk is not only the hottest, but also the most direct method of finding out what makes your loved one happy. Even a well-timed “Yes, give it to me!” Can work wonders because at the same time we say to him: “I desire you”, “I like what you do”, and “You can take it a little harder ...” A little tip : Men like exaggerations like “Is that tough!” Or “You're the best”. A "Somehow it smells weird here ..." or "How? You are already in ?! ”we should rather refrain from it.

The "oceanic tantra"

3. What is Taoist Sex or Oceanic Tantra?

The great thing about Tao sex: It focuses on female pleasure! The techniques (similar to those of the Kamasutra) are intended to stimulate the lady without the gentleman coming to climax. Which is not a bad approach. However, there is also a solid reason for the reluctance. Ejaculation weakens the male body - so that Taoist teaching - and hinder the real goal: the extension of life.

Sounds good? Then that too could "Oceanic tantra" be something for you, the combination of tantric and Indian rituals. Here, too, sexual energies are used for health. This is how it works: Lying in (or under) water, a group holds you and massages you, imitating whale or dolphin movements. Admittedly, that sounds strange at first. But those who get involved should have an "orgasmic experience" after a short time that extends to the whole body. And now please don't say you're afraid of water ...
Have you ever imitated a dolphin? Even if it sounds strange, it can be an exciting experience ...

4. Can I train multiple orgasms?

Not directly - but at least we can make it more likely. Only if we manage to keep our arousal constant at a high level will even the smallest touch or movement trigger new orgasms over and over again. Most women can only do this with masturbation. In interaction with the partner, oral sex or a position in which he can penetrate us and at the same time caress our clitoris is particularly promising. With all this, please don't forget: Sex is not a competitive sport! So let go and enjoy - multiple orgasms or not.

Express sexual preferences

5. How long does good sex last?

The myth "the longer the better" persists, especially among men. Hours of orgy-like feasts are exactly what women want ... Something like that puts pressure not only on him, but also on us. Fortunately, US scientists have now shown that most people actually have very little to gain from a mattress marathon: ideal sexual intercourse lasts between three and 13 minutes - not counting foreplay. Making love for more than 30 minutes was already classified as definitely "too long" in the survey!

6. Is there a perfect "blow job"?

Well, as long as we don't take the slang term "blowing" too literally, we're doing a lot right. As for the details, however, sexual preferences can vary. Interested in a number he will never forget? This is how it works: Let him believe what he is secretly convinced of anyway - he is a mix of Patrick Dempsey and Christian Gray. Only more attractive. Second, let's experiment a little when it comes to technology - because that's half the secret. Lick gently over his glans, suck it gently and tickle the underside of the shaft with your tongue. Don't worry: if we put his penis in our mouth, we don't have to compete with the porn legend "Deep Throat". Surveys showed that men are relatively indifferent to games of this kind. Much better: the stimulation at or during the orgasm. Therefore, please do not cancel shortly beforehand! If we want to avoid "swallowing", we just use our hands.

7. How do I get him to be more affectionate to me?

If your loved one is panicking at the word "holding hands" and looking for reasons to emigrate to Newfoundland: don't give up! Probably he only suffers from the obsession, which is not so rare among men, of having to give the tough dog in public. Secretly, however, he can still share our desire for Hollywood-style petting orgies with peacock feathers - we just have to tell him what we want. But, be careful: Let us formulate our wish positively (!) And without offending it. Please do not: "I am dissatisfied because ..." or "I think it's a pity that you never ...". But: “Would you stroke my back? I can relax so well. ”So that he makes a real effort, we promise him a wishful revenge. That should help.

Ready for the sex coach?

8. What really helps to increase pleasure?

In addition to Viagra & Co. there is also natural sexual enhancersthat act on both the body and the mind. These include: cinnamon, vanilla, saffron, ginger, musk and myrrh. And this is where your good old fragrance lamp comes into play, because they work most effectively through the nose. Neurologists found that our minds are not as directly involved in processing smells as they are with other sensory impressions. That means: scents in candles, massage oils or perfumes hit the heart without us (or our loved one) being able to defend themselves against it.

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9. What do I have to pay attention to when stripping?

Basically the same as when preparing for a chic party: the perfect styling. Even the hottest laundry is of no use if we run into the wardrobe while trying to escape our turtleneck sweater. So let's choose a top with a zipper or buttons. Another daring variant: We just tear our shirt - it doesn't necessarily have to be the one that almost ruined us financially recently. So that the sacrifice is worthwhile, we first cut a small piece into the collar. Because if it doesn't work right away, it will be embarrassing ...
Point two: music! Let's choose a song that we like to dance to. This makes us feel more secure - and self-confidence is sexy even without the ten-point zero in the B-grade. Let's get to point three, undressing. Let's not start with the shoes - after all, our high heels are part of the choreography. Let's start with accessories (gloves, belts). Then the top and skirt fall - then the stockings. We only take them off standing up when we are tightrope walkers. Otherwise: sit down! Preferably on the side of a chair, where we slowly roll down our hold-ups (!). At the end the bra falls, then the panties ... And with our sweetheart after the jaw, every inhibition determines ...

10. What does a sex coach do?

Don't worry: unlike normal coaches who get straight into the problem situation, he stays in front of the bedroom door! Rather, it helps by talking about your wishes and preferences. In contrast to the sex therapist, you can only consult him for the purpose of Make the mood in bed even more passionate. Maybe afterwards we will have the courage to go completely new erotic ways? Have fun!