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What is growing there in Venezuela?

So far, 21,000 plant species have been counted in Venezuela. About a quarter of it is endemic, so it only occurs here. Tropical rainforest covers large parts of the country. In the mountains it changes into mountain rainforest and cloud forest. From about 3000 meters you can find páramos with grasses, ferns and the typical Espeletia bushes (frailejones) and other rosette plants. They are so named because they form rosettes, a tight, round arrangement of leaves.

Plants in the páramo

Páramo is the name given to the cool, tropical, humid landscape in the mountains from around 3000 meters above sea level. We find this altitude level everywhere in the Andes. This combination of cool and tropical moist air creates certain plant shapes. Grasses that grow in clumps and rosettes such as Espeletia are typical. Trees no longer grow in páramo and bushes tend to remain small.

The puya plants are typical of the mountains and also in the páramo. They belong to the bromeliads, but do not grow on trees like many species, but on the ground. The leaves are in rosettes. From these a high inflorescence grows in the middle after many years.

Plants on the tepuis

The Tepuis, the high table mountains in the highlands of Guyana in the southeast of Venezuela, also form a very special landscape. They rise high above the rainforest, offer a completely different climate and the high cliffs form a natural obstacle. Lichen, grasses, orchids and many carnivorous plants, for example marsh jugs or trap traps, grow on the barren stone floors.

Plants in the northwest

In the northwest of the country there are deserts and salt marshes on the land bridge to the Paraguaná peninsula. Only plants that can survive extreme drought grow here, i.e. cacti or prickly shrubs. In the swampy and humid areas of the coasts and the Orinoco Delta, however, mangroves grow.

National tree and national flower

Venezuela's national tree is the yellow-flowering trumpet tree Tabebuia chrysantha. A national flower was also found. It's the orchid Cattleya mossiae, also Mayflower (Flor de Mayo) called.