Boys prefer cute or hot girls

18 problems only women know who are cute - but not hot


The curse of cuteness

Who's cute can't be hot? That's just one of the problems women who are labeled cute are all too familiar with!

"You are cute!" What is supposed to be a compliment can be quite annoying. Because even the most natural things - like standing on tiptoe at the bar counter - are commented on by other people with a smile. I'm small - smaller than most women - and also very friendly. The glasses on the kitchen shelf at the top are only distant acquaintances for me - seen once, never reached - and the bathroom mirror hardly sees more of me than my parting. At least I know the hair is right. These are just a few reasons why many people - even strangers - call me sweet with a smug smile. Once cute, always cute: This originally positive trait can be a real curse, especially when it comes to being hot. As a woman who is sweet, one can sing a song about these problems:

1. Sexy selfies do not exist

You've studied your hot girlfriend's features more than thoroughly and yet you just look silly trying to imitate them. Even the wicked bedroom look is only commented with one: "Awww" and is - admittedly - anything but hot.

2. In a hot outfit you look like disguised: The lingerie looked really hot on the mannequin in the shop. But on you they suddenly seem - as so often - as if you were playing as an adult.

3. All of your friends describe you with the same adjective: What a surprise: it's “cute”.

4. Shopping with your best friend can end up frustrating: Everything you wear - even the tight mini dress - is commented on by her with the words: "That looks cute on you!"

5. Some parts of the body just shouldn't be labeled cute: Especially not your breasts! Sentences like: “Everything about you is just cute!” Doesn't make it any better.

6. If you are also clumsy, the train has finally left: Even if it is meant lovingly - trying to reach her to tear a whole batch of cereal packs off the upper supermarket shelf is not cute with any other person either.

7. Seduction is a foreign word: If you try to seduce your partner in bed, the corner of his mouth twitches - which in turn tells you that your awkward action is more cute than arousing right now.

8. Even if you look angry, you look cute: Some women always look sexy. Even in an argument, her partner falls on her because he simply cannot resist her offended look. Sweet women, on the other hand, look cute even when they are bursting with anger and are certainly not taken seriously.

9. People want to eat you:"You are so cute to bite into!" This sentence is actually reserved for older aunts who meet us in childhood and lovingly pinch the cheek. Unfortunately, we never outgrew this phase.

10.Dates end in nowhere: "She is really cute!", He will tell his friends and then decide on the hot woman.

11. Styling always looks disguised: It's similar to lingerie - when we take the high heels out of the closet, we attract attention, but actually only because we look so awkward.

12. Even drunk we're cute: When hot women are drunk, they let themselves go - and appear even hotter on the dance floor while they let themselves be carried away by the music. The reaction you know: “Look, she dares to dance! Sweet!"

13. You look like a kid next to hot women: We have it all, that one friend who always looks sexy no matter what she does. In her presence - no matter how much you love her - you feel permanently uncomfortable. No matter how good you look, you will never get as much attention as she does. You're cute, maybe even pretty - but that's about it.

14. You don't feel taken seriously: Sexy or not - even if we will never be hot, it would still be nice to at least be taken seriously. You are a grown woman with an opinion of your own that should be respected as much as anyone else's.

15. You will be overlooked: Oops, you're there too! At this sentence, we begin to growl. We don't push ourselves to the fore and are always friendly - In a room full of people, however, as a sweet woman you quickly drown.

16. You are always asked for help: Your innocent appearance has made you a tourist guide many times. On the street, people prefer to speak to you - the cute little girl - to ask for directions.

17. You never look sexy when you eat: When a hot woman licks an ice cream with relish, she looks instantly sexy. When you eat an ice cream, you look like a woman who is eating an ice cream. But nothing more.

18. You never get on the ground with your feet: How in the world are you supposed to look hot with your feet dangling in the air while you sit?