What is an underrated kitchen to cook

Walkways in the kitchen

Walkways and work surfaces must be wide enough

Walkways must not be impaired by protruding corners or edges. Man moves in arched paths. You should take this into account and plan comfortable walking routes. In some kitchens, the Main workplaces at the sink, with around 60-70 percent of the working time, and at the stove, with around 10-20 percent, be disturbed. One should remember that one enough space so that you can walk around open doors or pull-out drawers. A minimum width of 90 cm should remain for the aisle. A radius of at least 90-120 cm around the table must be taken into account, especially with seating areas. This guarantees that one person can walk behind the table even if another person is sitting at the table at the same time.

Maintain minimum distances between work zones

In addition to the optimal walking routes, when planning the adherence to Minimum clearances to be observed between the different work zones. So should be there is a work surface of at least 80 cm between the hob and the sink. In this area, the preparations for the actual cooking can be carried out and, if necessary, objects can be washed. Ideally, if space allows, this is optimal work surface 120 cm between stove and sinkin order to be able to place kitchen appliances on the worktop. There should be a distance of at least 50 cm between the refrigerator and the hobin order to be able to put down removed food, but also to have enough freedom of movement while cooking.

So cooking and baking in the kitchen stay what it should be: a pleasure, not a burden.