How do people drink coffee

Study: How you drink your coffee reveals something about your character

baranq / ShutterstockMany of you cannot imagine going through a day at work without coffee. And while there are some advantages to being a morning person, some can barely get out of bed without the caffeine kick, and certainly not out of the house.

He was already demonized and found to be unhealthy and dangerous, but then it turned out that he is much better than his reputation.

Some people almost turn coffee into a science. Special beans, the perfect temperature, the ideal amount of sugar. Others, on the other hand, prefer it without frills: black. However, if you like your coffee as dark as possible, you could also have a dark personality.

At least that is suggested by a psychological study by the University of Innsbruck, which was published in the specialist journal “Appetite”.

The scientists already knew that social people in particular like sweet foods such as latte macchiato sweetened with syrup. The psychologists Christina Sagioglou and Tobias Greitemeyer were interested in whether the observation can also be used in reverse. Do people who like bitter foods like black coffee also tend to have hostile personalities?

Those who eat a lot of bitter things could negatively affect their personality

Today's scientific knowledge assumes that taste preferences are largely anchored in genes. Taste experiences in the womb and in infancy can also influence preferences for a lifetime. Psychologists are therefore particularly interested in finding out to what extent taste experiences influence a person's personality.

In a previous study, the two scientists were able to show that experiences with bitter foods can lead people to judge others more strictly and to react more hostile in general. So if you like bitter foods - and therefore eat more of them - could have a permanent negative impact on your personality.

In their new study, Sagioglou and Greitemeyer asked 500 test subjects about their taste preferences. On a scale from one to six, they were asked to rate how much they liked to eat sweet, sour, bitter and salty. The participants then answered questions about their personality.

They also filled out a questionnaire that was used to identify personalities from the so-called "dark triad". These include Machiavellianism (the ruthless pursuit of power), narcissism (an unrealistically positive self-assessment and self-centeredness), and psychopathy (an anti-social personality disorder).

Participants with dark personality traits like bitter foods

Narcissistic traits can be checked with sentences such as "I always want to be the center of attention", Machiavellian traits confirm the agreement with statements such as "I sometimes get loud and quick-tempered to bring others down" and psychopathic traits are revealed using questions such as " I am often insensitive to others ”.

It turned out that the researchers were correct in their assumption: The study participants with dark personality traits stated significantly more often that they like bitter foods such as black coffee. The more someone liked the bitter taste, the more likely they were to have a hostile personality.

Also noticeable: the characteristic “tolerance” was least pronounced among those participants who like bitter foods. “Compatibility” means above all a pleasant, friendly nature.

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So if you like to drink your coffee black and bitter, that could actually indicate that you have a rather dark personality. The latte macchiato with chocolate syrup drinkers among you, on the other hand, should be more friendly.

According to the scientists, this is mainly due to the fact that early experiences with tastes influence not only our future preferences, but also our entire personality.

This article was published by Business Insider in May 2020. It has now been reviewed and updated.