What is the purpose of communication

What is communication

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For you and many others, life is without Contact to others People surely unthinkable.communication is an important one component ours Lifethat is not from our everyday life is to be imagined. Even more: communication forms the Base of human coexistence. Runs in every human relationship conscious or unconscious Communication so that no one can break away from it. Ultimately, you are certainly familiar with communication in the sense that you are able to use it in everyday life. But what exactly is communication? What distinguishes them and can you describe them? In this text we give you an overview of the most important points that you should know about it!

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Definition: communication

The termcommunication derives from that Latin wordcommunicatio off whatMessage orConversation means. What is meant is that understanding among each other, so the exchange between people using languages or character. It stands a Channel one or more Recipients across from.

Verbal and non-verbal communication

We differentiate between more verbal and more non-verbal Communication.

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Verbal communication means the exchange of information by means of language. As nonverbal communication we call understanding without words, such as about gesture and facial expressions

Non-verbalcommunication can therefore also take place unconsciously by not having our gesture or facial expressions thinking and not consciously controlling it. But that also means that we are there Notavoid able to communicate.

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Paul Watzlawick formulated this in his communication model axiom, that you do not Not can communicate. As soon as two people are together, it runs deliberately or subconsciously Communication.

It follows that you can also work with the body can communicate. Even the dress can be part of communication.

How does communication work?

Communication always needs at least twoPeoplewho are involved in the communication process.

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We differentiate between that Channel a message and the receiver

On different Communication channels the communication can proceed:

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acoustically (what you can hear)

optically (what you can see)

tactile (what you can touch)

Of course it is also possible written to communicate. There are many examples for this: Letters, Mails etc.

Communication models - four ears model, Organon model and more

There are a variety of attempts at communication too describe and to analyze. This resulted in a number of Communication models, each of which focuses on different aspects. From the multitude of communication models, you will find three very common ones: the four-ear model, the Organon model and the five axioms by Paul Watzlawick. About the different Models you can find out more in the corresponding texts that we have linked for you.

Now you have the important ones information received for communication. Your Knowledge you can still use ours tasks testing. We wish you a lot fun

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