What goes with a brown blazer

Guide - combine brown

The first leaves are falling from the trees, it is getting wetter, colder and windier. Autumn is getting closer and so is autumn fashion. Jackets, vests, knitwear and the like are replacing shorts and tank tops. The flip flops, soft leather boots or tech sneakers. Everything becomes a little more monotonous and less colorful. But if you like it classic and simple and also like to combine several pieces of clothing on top of each other and together, you will love autumn. One color cannot be missing in autumn - brown! And now you can find out how you can best wear and combine your tan.

What color goes with brown

Everyone of you should have a general basic knowledge of colors and if you are still unsure, I would like to recommend the article about color combinations to you. Everyone can find gray, navy, black and white in their wardrobe. That's a good thing, because these go well with all other colors, including brown.

Brown is a great color to add a little more variation to your outfit without it becoming too colorful. Light brown tones such as beige or camel are particularly suitable in combination with other earth tones, as they have the same basic colors. In general, brown goes well with almost all colors and combinations with blue and green are great.

Combine brown and black?

We have received many questions as to whether brown can also be combined with black. Generally, yes! Brown and black can look very noble, but only if a contrast is visible. Brown and black should not be combined if the brown tone is very dark and can therefore hardly be distinguished from black.

Combinations with brown


Anyone who has never worn anything brown should start with shoes. Brown leather shoes in particular, no matter whether they are boots or flat lace-ups, always look a bit more stylish than black, as they stand out from the "norm". I would start with a dark pair (not too dark when worn with black pants) that will go with almost any pair of jeans.

Provided it is a simple, elegant pair of jeans and not a colorful one. Bright colors don't go well with brown. So stay with simple colors that can also be strong, such as blue, red or green, but never something gaudy such as neon green.

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Other simple brown combinations work with basics such as plain t-shirts. These are ideal as a basis for combining with a cardigan, blazer or jacket. But they are also very easy to wear on their own. The same goes for shirts in shades of brown. It doesn't matter how light or dark your shade of brown is.

Make sure that the dark brown tones go better with other dark tones and colors such as navy, wine red or olive. But you can also work with contrasts and mix light and dark.

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Of course, sweaters, jackets and blazers can also be worn in brown. Especially in autumn and winter you won't get past a brown sweater (here you can find out more about combining sweaters). Blazers in brown are also elegant and can be easily combined.

A beige cardigan goes well with a blue and white striped T-shirt, or you can simply stick with the white V-neck as a basis. Also very cool is a light brown cardigan, buttoned up, with a white and blue striped shirt and blue tie.


Brown jeans and chinos are on the rise and are already widespread, especially in rust and mustard colors. If you want to highlight your jeans, wear a simple t-shirt and shoes in the same color as the t-shirt. Then the jeans or chinos really come into their own.

If you don't want to set a highlight, simply wear colors in the same tone with the pants, e.g. chocolate brown jeans or chinos with a white T-shirt and a beige blazer over it.


You can round off your outfit very well with small accessories such as leather chains or leather bracelets, which are available for a few euros. A matching brown belt can never hurt either.

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I hope the article has provided some information about the color brown and helps you further. If you have any questions about brown, please leave a comment. Do you want more articles on individual colors? - Then click I like it or leave a comment with your favorite color that you would like to read about.


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