Why did Mac Tatum go to jail?

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With his role in "Love Story", the now 76-year-old became a Hollywood star in 1970. After a career dip in the 80s, he played in TV films and series until 2002. From 2015 he went to the theater despite prostate cancer -Tour and was in front of the camera in "Filmworker" in 2017.

Ryan O'Neal has had to deal with a few hard strokes of fate in the past few years: in 2001 he fell ill with chronic leukemia, in 2003 he lost his mother and in 2009, shortly before the planned wedding, his long-time partner Farrah Fawcett. After all, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012.

In addition, the relationship with his first daughter Tatum, who played by his side as a child in "Papermoon", has long been difficult. In her autobiography in 2005, she described him as a bad father who drove her and her brother into drug use. It is only recently that the father-daughter relationship is said to have improved somewhat.

Several prison terms for his sons Griffin and Redmond didn't make life any easier for O'Neal either. In 2007 he knocked out two of his son Griffin's teeth in a fight, threatened him with a gun and hit his fiancée with a poker. O’Neal had to go to jail for this, but was then able to portray the incident as self-defense. Since Griffin had publicly accused his father of wanting to marry Fawcett only because of her fortune, Ryan refused his son to attend his partner's funeral service in 2009. Son Redmond, who comes from the relationship with Fawcett, was sentenced to three years in prison for drug offenses in 2015, but was recently allowed to leave prison early. In the recent past, the O'Neal family has often been the cause of negative headlines and continues to provide the American gossip press with plenty of material.

Boxing is his passion

On the other hand, Ryan O'Neal's care for his partner Farrah Fawcett, who has been suffering from cancer since 2006 and whom he had accompanied to death on her deathbed in 2009 after 17 years together, was rated positively. He had got his own chronic leukemia diagnosed in 2001 under control with medication. He's been fighting prostate cancer for five years. However, he rates the chances of recovery as good because the disease was recognized early.

Ryan O'Neal recently had other health problems and had to undergo back surgery last summer. After that, the star, who was also successful as an athlete for many years, tried to get fit again with walks on Malibu Beach. In the early days of his acting career, O’Neal was a regular boxer in the ring and can look back on an impressive amateur record: 18 wins with 13 knock-outs and only four defeats. For this he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the American West Coast Boxing Association in October 2017. In 2016 he was in the ring again against his old friend John Scully: “I never stopped boxing. I am crazy about this sport. The producers never wanted to see me in the ring because they didn't want to stop filming because of an injury to me. But I need my training to keep my figure, "O'Neal told the press last year. His current partner Ali McGraw has not yet made friends with this injurious martial art. Nevertheless, she was persuaded to go with O'Neal in his three-round bout against Scully.

Don't just want to be a grandfather

Because of his back operation, the actor had to interrupt his Broadway role in July 2017: Since 2015, 45 years after their mutual "Love Story" success, he has been alongside Ali McGraw with the play "Love Letters" on the Theater stage and toured the USA. The couple got closer, got engaged and actually wanted to get married in 2015. Somehow that doesn't seem to have worked out yet. The "Love Story" stars enjoyed playing the theater together, partly because the play "Love Letters" fits so well into their current relationship: An old married couple reads each other the letters that both had written to each other for 50 years. "It's a great gift for me to be there," admits McGraw. And O'Neal adds: "Our shared history and the good chemistry help us to play so committed. It's so powerful."

It is uncertain whether Ryan O’Neal, who is in poor health, will be able to permanently revive his career. He himself was recently rather skeptical: “There is nothing more for me to do. I don't want to be just anyone's grandfather anymore. So I'll wait and see and dream ... "But O'Neal is not entirely without a job: Between 2006 and 2017, he was seen in a father role in 25 episodes of the TV series" Bones ". And in the 2017 documentary "Filmworker" about Leon Vitali, the closest collaborator of star director Stanley Kubrick, he once again stood in front of a film camera.