What are the swords that are used in fencing

Fencing weapons

Fencing weapons are edged weapons that are used for fencing in duels. In fencing weapons, a distinction is made between stabbing weapons, cutting weapons and stabbing and cutting weapons. In modern sport fencing, swords, foils and sabers are used. In historical fencing, fencing weapons such as the early medieval spathe, the long knife, one-handed swords, the two-handed long sword, the thrusting sword and saber as well as the dagger are used. In order to reduce the risk of injury, the following practice swords are used in historical fencing for training, sparring and tournaments:

The fencing feather (also feather sword)

A fencing feather is a blunt practice sword with a flexible steel blade and a blunt point. It is used in sparring and tournaments as a replacement for the two-handed long sword. The fencing feather is ideally the same length, equally heavy and equally well balanced as a real two-handed long sword. It differs slightly in appearance and flexibility from the real long sword. A fencing feather has a rounded blade tip and a detached ricasso at the lower end of the blade. The ricasso enables the opponent's blade to be held back in front of the quillons and thus offers additional protection for the thumb. The bending behavior of fencing feathers varies. It is ideal if the spring bends only in the front third of the blade. In this way you can fight out of the binding without any problems and still have a stab security.

The training sword

Training swords are made of steel, aluminum or plastic and have blunt blades and a blunt place. The point of a blade is called a place. Training swords are used to learn basic techniques. Swords made of aluminum are easier to care for and have the advantage that, with the exception of the crossguard, which is made of steel, they do not rust and there are no sharp nicks when in use. Aluminum swords have a striking edge of 5mm and are ideally well balanced. Plastic swords are usually made of polypropylene or nylon. The nylon swords that we offer in our shop can be used for sparring.

The Shinai

The Shinai is a Japanese bamboo sword. A Shinai modified with a quillons is used in historical fencing for sparring purposes.

Training dagger made of wood

Wooden dagger in the shape of a medieval disc dagger. It is used to learn basic techniques in dagger fencing

The buckler

The buckler is a steel fist shield that is used with a one-handed sword or a long knife. This fencing weapon is not only used as a shield but also as an offensive weapon. For example, by hitting the buckler in the opponent's face.