How can I make local yeast

Make yeast from beer yourself


Right now it is not that easy to buy yeast. Preparing yeast from a wheat beer for baking is not difficult at all. All it takes is three simple ingredients to make 25 grams of fresh yeast. Your yeast mixture will be ready to use in around 15 to 20 hours.

Since we have never "produced" yeast ourselves, we tried a little with the strength of the driving force. In the end, we had about 120 grams of the liquid yeast mixture, which we felt was roughly the driving force of 25 grams of fresh yeast. So for every 1 gram of fresh yeast in the recipe, you need 5 grams of the liquid yeast mixture. It is important that you subtract the respective amount of liquid yeast later in the recipe, for example from the amount of milk or water, so that your dough does not become too runny but has the same consistency.

However, you should also remember later when baking that every beer is different - and so the concentration of the yeast culture contained in the wheat beer can also differ. So if a bread, cake or pizza dough does not turn out exactly as you know it with fresh yeast from the supermarket, do not be despaired. Try a little around until you find the right beer and the right driving force.

We used a light wheat beer for our yeast. And we later used the result for our Aachen Poschweck with raisins.


Weigh the beer in a tightly sealable screw glass. Put the rest of the beer in the fridge and enjoy later. ;-) Then add flour and sugar.

Close the jar and shake until the flour and sugar have dissolved. The mixture is now foamy white.

Place in a warm place for the next 15 to 20 hours. After a while, something will settle down again. Just shake vigorously again before baking so that it is an even mixture again.