What are some of the best perfumes

The 11 best perfumes under 25 euros that still smell of luxury

Not all that glitters is gold - the reverse is also true! For fragrances, for example: some inexpensive variants smell and appear so luxurious that they can easily compete with the expensive competition. How it works? They rely on fine notes and refined bottles and are also affordable for all budgets. Sounds great? Here are our favorites:

1. Perfume tip: The seductive one

H&M does not only offer fashionable clothes at affordable prices. The fashion house is also right on trend with this special fragrance: Warm vanilla from Madagascar, as well as extravagant notes such as peach and praline give this affordable H&M perfume a noble scent. And the bottle? Also looks good in the bathroom ...

“Vanilla Malagasy” by H&M, 50 ml EdP, around 25 euros, via hm.de.

2. Perfume tip: the exotic one

It was too long ago since your last vacation? How about a little aromatherapy! Because fragrances awaken memories - and with sea notes, nashi pear and white musk, this one reminds of the last trip to Bali. And when we can travel again, this fresh, Asian-inspired perfume just comes with us.

“Océan Infini” by Rituals, 15 ml EdP, for 15 euros, via galeria.de

3. Perfume tip: the delicate one

Blackcurrant, peony and peach: this feminine perfume screams to be worn on the first date or a wedding. The powdery-fruity fragrance notes are also reflected in the delicate, simple flacon.

“Coral Cassis” by Zara, 100 mlEdT, around 10 euros, via zara.com

4. Perfume tip: The romantic one

When freesia and jasmine meet tangerine, it is not a complicated triangular relationship, but pure love. This floral-fruity fragrance is the best proof of that!

“Tender Love” by Betty Barclay, 20 mlEdP, around 22 euros, via douglas.de

5. Perfume tip: The sunny one

Sicily is the home and source of inspiration for the Ortigia fragrance brand. So it's no wonder that typical Mediterranean notes such as neroli and orange blossom dominate her creations. But the Italians don't just show their taste when it comes to scent notes - but also with the extravagant design of their collection.

“Zagara Parfumöl” from Ortigia, 10 ml fragrance oil, around 17 euros, via ludwigbeck.de

6. Perfume tip: the summery one

Lemon, mint, currant: sounds like a delicious drink up to this point. When these fruity-fresh notes are joined by rose, lily and magnolia, an irresistible cocktail is created that is reminiscent of a rooftop bar and dancing summer nights.

“Tommy Girl” by Tommy Hilfiger, 30 ml EdC, for 17 euros, via rossmann.de

7. Perfume tip: the subtle one

Nowhere else is the air as clear as in the forest. This unmistakable fragrance is also available as a spray-on perfume. Ivy, sandalwood and lemon are the notes that make up this woody-fresh composition.

“So Pure” by s.Oliver, 30 ml EdT, for 18 euros, via flaconi.de

8. Perfume tip: The light one

A light and very fresh scent: sea breeze, clary sage, Italian tangerine as well as white tea and mate tea absolute remind you of a warm day by the sea.

"White Tea" by Elizabeth Arden, 30ml EdT, for 20 euros, via flaconi.de

9. Perfume tip: the flowery one

The oriental-floral perfume in the chic bottle hides an exciting combination of hot pink pepper, freesia and raspberries. Trying it out is worth it.

"007 For Women 2" by James Bond, 15ml EdP, for 20 euros, via flaconi.de

10. Perfume tip: The classic

Fruity mandarins, black currants and freesia are paired with accents of peony, cyclamen and mango. The result: a sharp, lively fragrance.

"Pure Women" by Bruno Banani, 20ml EdT, for 17 euros, via flaconi.de

11. Perfume tip: the purist one

Simple and clear without a lot of extras: The light scent smells of magnolia blossom - and makes us dream of colorful flower meadows in spring.

"Hydro" by Vandini, 50ml EdP, for 20 euros, via flaconi.de