Who is the Most Hated NFL Player

Study: Eight US states "hate" the Steelers

Munich - When asked about the most unpopular NFL team, there will probably never be a clear answer. Nevertheless, a recent study by the online betting company "Sports Insider" can at least provide some clarity: The Pittsburgh Steelers will be the most hated team in the USA in 2020.

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Eight states "hate" the Steelers


After evaluating around 90,000 tweets from all over the United States, Pittsburgh is the single leader. Eight of the 50 US states had the most hate tweets in "honor" of the Steelers, including Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana.

In Pennsylvania, the home state of the franchise, the Baltimore Ravens are particularly hated.

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Rivalries are clearly expressed

Other teams also have a lot of hatred behind them, the San Francisco 49ers are among the most unpopular teams in the northwestern states such as Washington and Oregon, while the Philadelphia Eagles in Texas and Oklahoma have not suffered well.

These findings can of course be justified by the rivalry between different fan camps, fans of the Eagles, for example, live a pronounced hostility with the Dallas Cowboys (and of course the other way around).

Therefore, it is better not to identify yourself as a fan of the New York Jets in New England, the same applies to fans of the New Orleans Saints in Georgia and South Carolina.

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