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The German slept for more than 24 years and sat in front of the television for twelve years

03.01.2014 – 10:15

Gruner + Jahr, P.M. magazine

Hamburg (ots)

Time is money - and you don't want to waste any of it. Maybe that's why we rush through our limited lives so restlessly and hardly notice how time goes by. But there is really a lot to do: people spend almost half their lives sleeping and watching TV; Germans sleep an average of 24 years and four months and spend twelve years in front of the television. This is how the magazine P.M. Questions & Answers in its January issue and thus answers the question "Where has the time gone?".

Germans invest part of their time in their education, a year and ten months to be precise. This not only includes school time - any further training is part of it. After that, you work for eight years, and 16 months of cleaning your own four walls. Laundry is washed and ironed for an additional nine months. So far, only four months have been spent playing computer games, but experts are certain that this number will rise sharply in the future.

In detail: - Germans sleep around 24 years and 4 months - 12 years of watching TV - 12 years of talking, in two years and 10 months it will be about gossip, gossip and jokes - 8 years of work - 5 years will be Dedicated to the topic of food, meals are cooked and bread made for 2 years and 2 months - Germans spend 2 years and 6 months in the car - 1 year and 10 months are for school and further education - 1 year and 7 months are played sports - 16 months cleaning your own apartment - 12 months attending the German cinema, theater or concerts - 9 months washing and ironing - 9 months playing with your own children - 4 months playing on the computer - 2 weeks praying

Sources: "American Time Use Survery", "The Human in Numbers", Spectrum Academic Publishing House, as well as "The Book of Times", Publishing House Wiliam Morrow.

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