Why do some parents hire nannies?

What does a babysitter have to do and what not?

The range of tasks of a babysitter

How a babysitter's job looks in detail depends on how old the children are, how long the babysitter should take care of them and when they are needed.

The range of tasks of a babysitter

Of course, the babysitter's main task should always be to look after the children while their parents are away. How this task looks in detail, however, depends on how old the children are, what care times have been agreed and what time of day it is needed.

Just one main job for the babysitter?

How far a babysitter's tasks go is always a matter of negotiation. Some parents expect a similarly high range of services for their childcare as for an au pair. In addition to keeping the children busy, the babysitter would also have to prepare meals and tidy up the household. However, this can only be expected of him if the remuneration is correspondingly high.

Basically, activities that go beyond normal childcare should be kept to a minimum. Every mother knows that the child's occupation is a full-time job. Any additional duties will take the babysitter's attention away from the child. Parents should be aware of this when drawing up the contract with their babysitter

Babysitter as a shuttle service?

The age of the child also influences the range of tasks the babysitter can perform. Older children often need to be driven from one place to another. For example, if the child has to be driven to tutoring after school and then has an hour of football training at his club, the babysitter will surely spend a large part of the time driving the child back and forth.

If such services are required, parents should inform applicants immediately. In addition, the parents should provide him with a car or at least pay for the gasoline costs. In general, a shuttle service provided by the babysitter is a special service and is not one of the usual tasks of a babysitter. Parents should consider this aspect when paying.

Meals together and put to bed

With infants in particular, the babysitter may occasionally give the bottle or have to feed the toddler. Parents should explain exactly where to find everything (e.g. bottles, baby food, etc.) and what to look out for.

The first time it is best for the parents to prepare together with the babysitter and show them how the child is normally fed. If this is part of the care responsibilities, it is best for parents to make a precise schedule of when to play, when to feed and when to rest. Of course, it can also happen with older children that the babysitter has to cook something for lunch or prepare dinner. Here, too, it makes sense for parents to write down exactly when meals are to be taken and when homework or household chores are to be done.

That is another important keyword. If the babysitter is to pay attention to periods of rest, he must be told when these are. Does the child sleep immediately after meals or is they allowed to play for half an hour beforehand? What are the usual rituals like? Should the babysitter read a bedtime story? How long should the nap last? Parents should clarify all of these questions with the babysitter in advance to avoid misunderstandings.

What to do in an emergency

Of course, special cases can occur from time to time. If the child becomes ill, for example, a babysitter should also ensure that the medication is taken regularly. The parents should draw up a plan that is as detailed as possible, which the babysitter can use as a guide. Just in case, the babysitter should always be given a list of all important telephone numbers. In addition, a babysitter needs to know how to react in an emergency. For this it is important that he can remain confident and knows where to find emergency numbers and contacts (e.g. neighbors or grandparents).