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Translation of "we are learning" in spanish

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aprendemos estamos aprendiendo


And we learn of neural networks, genetic and evolutionary algorithms.
Y aprendemos de redes neural, algoritmos genéticos, computación evolutiva.
I believe, we learn a lot more over time.
And we learn a lot about what this segment needs to be effective.
There are computers that protect themselves like an immune system, and we learn of gene regulation and biological development.
Hay computadoras que se protegen, como un sistema inmunológico y estamos aprendiendo de la regulación de genes y desarrollo biológico.
But we learn of them and move on.
Yes, we learn probably slowly.
We're beginners, however we learn fast.
Yes, we learn the most important lessons outside of school.
Sí, normalmente aprendemos las lecciones más importantes fora de la clase.
We play on the safe side we learn this spell how it works and we keep the blade away from me.
Vayamos a lo seguro, aprendemos cualquiera que sea el hechizo, como funciona, y mantenemos la Espada lejos de mi mano.
What is important about the Manson story is that we learnwhich compulsions motivate behaviors.
Lo importante en la historia de Manson es que aprendemos qué compulsiones motivan la conducta.
Well, if we learnTo be mindful, we are usually distracted by a thought.
Ahora, lo que suele ocurrir cuando estamos aprendiendo A ser concientes es que nos distraemos por un pensamiento.
In order to we learnto straighten us up again.
Together we had to we learn, to survive.
We all have lessons that we learn have to.
Come over, we learn know his friends.
In order to we learnto straighten us up again.
Gunn told us that we learn need to express our emotions better.
Gunn nos dijo que deberíamos mejorar nuestra expresión de emociones.
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