Is life long enough

With this project we support the poorest families on the alluvial islands in the Teesta river in the north of Bangladesh.

For us unimaginable life on the so-called. Chars Bengali, who are used to the fact that their homestead is under water for weeks, sometimes even disappearing completely, appearing again in other places, so that they have to move with their belongings. The main source of income for the Choira forms agriculture, which they supplement with small animal breeding, trade and fishing. However, mostly people live on these islands who do not have their own land, but who work in the fields of the "rich". The well-known vicious circle of poverty, inadequate nutrition, poor health, and a very low level of education among children, which in turn determines their reduced ability to work and their chances of working, is evident here. The aim of our new project is with the Bengali partner organization Jagorani Chakra FoundationTo enable families to generate sustainable income with which they

  • the bare minimum of food, clothing, living space
  • Health care as well as education for the children

can deny.

The project was developed especially with the mothers. They found their own small self-help organizations that pave the way out of the vicious circle of poverty. As starting capital, the women receive goats or chickens for a small farm, a dairy cow or equipment for a shop. In addition, they take part in training courses in vegetable cultivation, animal husbandry, hygiene and the organization of their self-help institutions, which ensure the long-term success of their work.

A development worker comes to the village regularly, for example to draw up a family development plan that includes a strategy for improving income as well as building one's own toilet, saving for times of need, and the children going to school. An agricultural specialist and a veterinarian offer the necessary advice and services. After three years, the women should have built their own small existence and the families should have overcome the worst forms of poverty permanently.

The project is co-financed by the EU.