How is Sri Lanka doing

The Sri Lankan authorities have taken far-reaching measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). These measures are having a major impact on tourists and business travelers visiting Sri Lanka. This article (last updated May 14, 2021) provides the latest information and recommendations regarding your travel plans.

The corona problem in Sri Lanka

The number of infections in the country has risen sharply since April 2021. As a result, the Sri Lankan government introduced travel restrictions on May 12th, including a ban on travel between different provinces that will remain in effect until at least May 31st. Curfews have been imposed in areas with high infection rates. There, only one person per household is allowed to leave the apartment per day. In addition, since May 3, international airlines have been allowed to carry a maximum of 75 passengers to Sri Lanka on each flight. As of May 14, 135,796 infections and 892 deaths had been reported. As of May 14th, 1,220,248 vaccine doses against Covid-19 had been administered in Sri Lanka. Since January 21, 2021, tourists have been allowed to visit Sri Lanka again within the framework of strict rules. However, tourists who are allowed to enter Sri Lanka are only allowed to stay in hotels for the first 14 days of their stay that have been approved by the Sri Lankan government Safe and Secure Level 1 -Certificate received.

Sri Lanka is taking action against the spread of the coronavirus

It is still possible to apply for a visa for Sri Lanka

Since January 21, 2021, applications for the Sri Lanka tourist visa have been processed and approved again. The visa must be applied for before departure; it is no longer possible to obtain a visa-on-arrival upon arrival in Sri Lanka. At the moment, due to a technical problem that we are working on, it is not possible to apply for the visa on the website of However, you can apply for and get the visa on the English language website of the Sri Lankan Immigration Office.

Strict regulations apply to obtaining a visa for entry. Travelers must have already booked a hotel approved by the Sri Lankan authorities as Safe and Secure level 1 Hotel is certified. In addition, for every month you stay in Sri Lanka, you will have to pay an amount of US $ 12 for a Covid-19 insurance brokered by the Sri Lankan authorities, which will cover an amount of at least US $ 50,000 if necessary. Travelers are required to complete a Health Declaration Form prior to departure. They must also have a negative test result (in English) from a PCR test that was done no more than 96 hours before departure. In addition, travelers have to pay for the cost of the PCR tests, which are carried out in Sri Lanka, in advance of their departure. The cost per test is $ 40.

Apply for a visa for Sri Lanka

Regulations for your stay in Sri Lanka

Upon arrival at the hotel, all travelers 13 years of age and older will be tested for Covid-19 prior to check-in, including those who have already been vaccinated. Children under 2 years of age are not tested, children under 12 years of age are only tested at the end of their stay. Travelers staying in Sri Lanka for 5 to 14 days must be tested again on the day of departure (in any case not earlier than 48 hours before departure). Travelers staying longer than 14 days must take the second test between the 11th and 14th day of their stay. let If the test result is positive, you will remain in self-isolation in the hotel and may be taken to the hospital. If the result is negative, no quarantine is required and you can make use of all hotel facilities.

During the first 14 days of your stay you will stay with a more or less segregated group of people with whom you can visit different places in Sri Lanka. During these two weeks you are not allowed to come into contact with the local population outside of this group. In public places it is mandatory to wear a face mask and keep a distance of one and a half meters. You can change hotel within these 14 days, but only if the other hotel is also Safe and Secure is certified. 14 days after arrival you can get in touch with people from the local community if your corona tests are negative, but even then it is recommended not to shake hands, not to hug others, to use public transport as little as possible, like that Pay as much as possible without contact and wash your hands regularly.

Since March 30th, 2021, travelers returning to Germany from Sri Lanka must have a PCR or WHO-recognized antigen test carried out before departure (antibody tests are not accepted) and present the negative test report at check-in . The test must not be carried out earlier than 48 hours before departure

Time when it is safe to travel to Sri Lanka again

Since January 21, 2021, tourists have been allowed to visit Sri Lanka again subject to strict conditions. Entry for business travelers is still prohibited. Although the Sri Lankan government allows foreign tourists to enter the country again, the Foreign Office's travel warning still applies, which means that a trip to the country is not advised unless it is absolutely necessary.

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Disclaimer: This article was created with the greatest care and is updated regularly. However, no guarantee can be given for the information provided on this page. The situation regarding Corona is changing rapidly and the information from the various authorities is not always clear. Before you travel, please check with your tour operator about the current state of affairs with regard to traveling to Sri Lanka with an ETA or other visa.