Are Infinix smartphones worth buying?

The Infinix Note 8 will initially be sold at the normal price of 2,149,000 to 1,999,000 Rp.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - Infinix Mobility Indonesia has officially launched its newest product Infinix Note 8 The company is equipped with the Helio G80 Hyper Engine Game Technology chipset especially for mobile game lovers in Indonesia by using Mobile Legends Bang Bang as Partners working together.

The sale of Infinix Indonesia in e-commerce Lazada became the TOP 1 smartphone brand on September 9, 2020. Infinix also managed to prove its smartphone sales on Lazada's Super Brand Day on October 23, 2020 by issuing more than 20,000 units in one day of sale.

“This year we have launched products with superior specifications in the power range for smartphones ranging from 1 to 2 million rupees. We are running the Anti-Lost theme as our product campaign to provide better value to consumers in Indonesia who want a specialty gaming smartphone but do not have enough budget to buy it. With the spirit of #AntiKalah itself, users can of course be even more excited about using INFINIX smartphones and opt for a gaming smartphone more securely without worrying about slow performance, ”said Sergio Ticoalu as Country Marketing Manager at Infinix Indonesia in its press release. Monday (9/11).

Helio G80 Hyper Engine Game Technology chipset offers superior performance as this chipset has been vastly improved compared to the previous generation. Infinix NOTE 8 uses the Helio G80 chipset for the first time compared to other INFINIX series. If the NOTE series was previously embedded in the Helio G70, Infinix NOTE 8 is now ready to battle with the performance of the Helio G80 for mobile game enthusiasts.

This G80 chipset also allows us to open two heavy applications at the same time and runs very smoothly. This is also a function that is very widely used in everyday smartphone user activities.

Sometimes we just have to do two things at the same time. In this mode, users can jointly manage the online game.

In addition, one of the advantages of the Helio G80 with this Infinix NOTE 8 is the ability to detect an Internet connection that automatically switches to WiFi without disrupting gaming activities itself. This stable gaming experience due to the CPU and GPU performance also proves useful for gamers.

“We would like to offer this performance improvement to smartphone users in Indonesia. With smartphone specs like this, we believe the Infinix Note 8 is the best gaming smartphone for the one to two million price tag in the Indonesian market. Also, given the many activities that still require us to work at home or study at home, we are more willing to provide the best smartphones to increase consumer productivity in Indonesia. Not only in terms of performance and quality, but also in the form of the #AntiKalah spirit in order to remain productive in one hand, ”said Sergio.

Infinix NOTE 8 delivers a gaming experience with a wider 6.95 ”dual punch hole screen, and not just for performance. The maximum graphics experience with a wider screen is certainly a satisfaction for users who enjoy playing mobile games.

“The specifications in NOTE 8 are indeed very appropriate and a very good choice for gamers, especially for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. With high performance and big screen, we are sure that game lovers will get a more exciting gaming experience, ”he said. Agnes Agastia as Branding and PR Manager for Mobile Legends Bang Bang Indonesia.

Equally important, the Infinix NOTE 8 also offers up to 5200 mAh of battery power for playing longer games without having to worry about a low battery during a game. Two speakers are also an addition to a more exciting and realistic gaming experience on the bottom and top of the Infinix Note 8 smartphone.

Photo lovers can certainly experience a different feeling with this latest Infinix Note series. With a resolution of 64 MP Super Night Shot, the Infinix Note 8 offers many support functions for maximum photo results.

Especially in low light conditions, users can get photos with more detailed and sharp light. The Slow Mo, Super Steady Video, Macro, Bokeh, AI Camera, Beauty and AR Shot functions are also available for the user's photo style variants.

Infinix Note 8 does not have enough specifications and qualified performance and a different design than before. The Game Cut design appears brighter and is the main attraction as the light usually creates a variety of colors that are elegant and comfortable to hold.

Infinix Note 8 is sold with two different types of memory. The 6 / 64GB variant will initially be sold at the normal price of Rp. 2,149,000 to Rp. 1,999,000. The 6/128 GB variant is sold from the normal price of IDR 2,549,000 to IDR 2,149,000. Infinix Note 8 will initially be pre-ordered, at the same time as November 11th. Lazada Indonesia event on November 11, 2020.