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Welcome to the Wild West while on vacation in Texas

Weather, climate and best travel time

Because the state is very large, there is no single climate that applies to all of Texas. When choosing a vacation spot, consider the regional differences in Texas.

The different climates in Texas

There are three different climates in the state. The west of the state is mainly characterized by the dry, continental climate. The east, on the other hand, is assigned to the maritime climate zone. In the south you will find subtropical conditions: the winters are rather mild, the summers very hot. Basically there are hot summers in Texas, the temperatures are often over 30 degrees, sometimes even the 40-degree mark is cracked.

The foothills of the Louisiana swamps in the east ensure that this part of the state has a humid climate. Be prepared for abrupt changes in weather, even tornadoes occur.

The best travel time for a vacation in Texas

Spring and autumn are ideal for a vacation in Texas. As early as March, pleasantly mild temperatures of around 20 degrees are reached. You will find good bathing weather for your stay on the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico in the south of the state from October to August.

The Region's Culture - What Is Texas Known For?

Texas is best known for its cowboy tradition. When you think of Texas, images of herds of cattle, horse shows and vast prairie landscapes come to mind. You will encounter all of this on your vacation in Texas. Sport is also very important in this region of the USA. Three basketball teams from Texas are at home in the top division, the NBA. Here the Houston Rockets, the San Antonia Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks fight for points. The latter are very popular even in this country because the German basketball ace Dirk Nowitzki is one of the team's superstars.

American football is also a real crowd puller. In the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans represent the state nationally. The mighty AT&T Stadium of the Dallas Cowboys offers space for over 80,000 spectators and is regularly filled at the sporting events.

Texas is also known for its food, the legendary Tex-Mex cuisine is characterized by Mexican influences. No wonder, since the state once belonged to the neighboring country and only became part of the USA in 1945. The classic of this kitchen is - of course - the taco. Fiery tortillas are already served for breakfast. The filling of the wheat flatbread consists, for example, of deep-fried bean puree, pork, chorizo ​​sausage or chili salsa. Caution: spicy!

Popular accommodations in Texas

When vacationing in Texas, you rent a room in one of the hotels in the major cities of the state. These are available in different price and comfort classes. Another option: Book a vacation home as accommodation in Texas. You will find numerous offers, especially along the extensive coastal stretches of the Gulf of Mexico. Exactly the right accommodation to spend the best time of the year with a group of friends in close proximity to nature.

For the brave among you, there are very special offers: an adventure vacation on a ranch. You don't just spend the night there, you go on long rides through the prairie or try your hand at lassoing - like a real cowboy. Sometimes even rifle shooting is on the program. This shows who can aim well and who has what it takes to become the next Lucky Luke. Such a stay on a ranch is an unforgettable experience for young and old.

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