What prevents joint pain

Tip 12: Medicinal mushrooms for osteoarthritis

The two medicinal mushrooms Cordyceps and Reishi can also make the pain more bearable with their anti-inflammatory potential in osteoarthritis. Cordyceps in particular has long been known as a performance enhancer for athletes and thus as a beneficial elixir for the musculoskeletal system. You can read details about Cordyceps in its function as a pain reliever in osteoarthritis here: Cordyceps - Painkiller in osteoarthritis

Tip 13: exercise for joint pain

A trained physiotherapist quickly recognizes where in the musculoskeletal system excessive and incorrect loads are visible. With targeted training, those affected can counteract these developments.

Shoe insoles or other aids may also be recommended to bring the body back into balance.

Sport is useful for joint problems, but should be done under professional supervision. This can be a certified fitness trainer, for example, who must be informed about all complaints in a preliminary talk.

Sports like jogging put a lot of strain on the joints. Nordic walking or - ideal for joint problems - swimming and water aerobics are more suitable! In the water you train your muscles, but you put much less strain on your joints than "on land".

But there are also sports away from the water that are easy on the joints.

In this sense, swinging on the trampoline is not only an optimal training for balance, but also strengthens the back muscles through the ups and downs without putting any strain on the joints.

Exercise therapies are also perfect for recurring joint pain, such as B. according to the Feldenkrais method or according to Helga Pohl.

Further information on joint inflammation, joint pain and their natural treatment can also be found in our article: Natural painkillers

* You can find a trampoline here at this link.

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