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When I registered my business on March 8, 2001, I had no idea that only eight years later my installation company would become the leading company for an entire region. 2009 was a sensational year for me as an aspiring young entrepreneur. The attempt to bring the main theme of 'Renewable Energy' closer to customers was successful. Certainly also through our modern company location and the exemplary building technology. With the 50 m² solar system for hot water + room heating and the photovoltaic system with 14.5 kWp we show what is possible with solar energy. Our energy requirement is 12,400 kWh per year. Our system provides us with 17,800 kWh per year. The numbers speak for themselves. Solar collectors and solar modules have been seen on the houses in Köstendorf and the surrounding area for many years. In this country, heat and electricity are happily obtained from free solar energy. And we are not entirely uninvolved in it. In 2012 alone, we installed over 50 PV systems. Nowadays you can even build solar houses with up to 100% solar heat supply, because it is always better to take the heat energy from the sunny summer days with you into the winter by means of buffer storage and concrete core activation. That is a challenge that we are happy to face. Our company has been around for over 15 years and no technical development has passed us by. I currently employ six highly trained specialists and when it comes to developing the ideal building technology solution for our customers, we all pull together. If you too would like to rely on renewable energy, the highest quality, regionality, environmental awareness and sustainability, then drop by us!

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Norbert Loindl Installations GmbH

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Energy saving journal 2021

As your regional heating specialists, we are guaranteed to find the right heating solution for your home. We show the flag and rely on renewable energy and innovative heating technology from Austria out of conviction. Everyone benefits: You can look forward to high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly heating with low operating costs. At the same time, the domestic economy is strengthened and climate change is slowed down. You will find a lot of interesting information and news about this in our current energy saving journal.

Table of Contents:

  • Renewable upswing and upswing
  • Geothermal, air and groundwater heat pumps
  • Wood heating: the regional power
  • Out-of-oil: boiler replacement in three days
  • Online heating planner in practice
  • Solar systems as jewelry
  • A dream home with solar power
  • Climate change made in Austria
  • Red-hot-red practical examples
  • A job with a future: HSH installer

Read it online right here.

Get out of oil 2021

Anyone who exchanges their fossil heating system (oil, gas, coal), their all-burner boiler or their direct electricity heating for a modern and environmentally friendly heating solution this year can count on financial tailwind. The special thing about it is that the grants can be combined:

  • Get out of oil Bund: € 5.000,–
  • Boiler replacement Sbg (max.): € 6.520,–
  • Heat source heat p. Sbg: € 3.000,–
  • Buffer storage tank Sbg: € 500,–
  • Solar thermal Sbg (max.): € 300 / m²
  • Community funding: individually

Details and requirements for the individual funding can be found in our funding compass, which you can download free of charge below or in the funding guidelines of the respective funding agency.

Funding Compass: Here you will find all funding for your federal state

Get a complete overview of the current federal and state subsidies for new buildings and renovations with environmentally friendly heating and energy systems in your state. Simply enter your postcode and email address - and you can download the HSH funding compass for your state.

Funding compass download

Hand in hand: a strong team working for you

We only work with professionals. Reliable employees who are skilled. People who understand their work and our customers. You are the heart and brain of our family business. Hands-on, personable guys who give their best in our team every day. When it comes to the ideal energy supply, we prefer to use heaters that work with solar energy, geothermal energy or biomass. Living space ventilation with heat recovery included. Regardless of whether it is a new building or renovation: When it comes to efficient heating solutions, you are in the best of hands with us.

Our range of services at a glance

  • Solar and photovoltaic systems
  • Power storage
  • Biomass heating (log, pellet and wood chip heating)
  • Heat pumps
  • Floor and wall heating
  • Comfort ventilation
  • Baths, wellness and sanitary facilities
  • maintenance and service

Choosing the right heater depends on many factors. Do you live in a house or an apartment? In a well-insulated new or older old building? Do you even have wood as fuel yourself? Choosing the right heating system will have an impact on heating costs for the next 15 to 20 years. Intensive advice and calculations about the service life of the heating will pay off in the long term. Depending on your needs, wishes and local possibilities, we will recommend the system that is ideal for you.

Modern biomass heating

Today's pellet and wood chip systems are small technological marvels. With fully automatic ignition, extremely simple temperature control and automatic cleaning, you bring natural warmth and cozy comfort into every home. But even if you opt for a modern log wood heater, you will have to add wood a maximum of twice a day.

You can find detailed information on the HSH information platform:

Heat pump

Warmth at the push of a button. No fuel store. No smoke. Lowest energy costs. Only clean environmental energy. The heat pump makes it possible. If you want to heat your house in an environmentally friendly way, you can simply get renewable energy from earth, water or air. One of the most efficient variants for this is the geothermal heat pump with a geothermal probe (deep drilling).

The heat pump is a real jack of all trades. Because it can be used not only for heating, but also for cooling. In times like these, when hot days are becoming more and more common in summer, this is a big plus. It is also cheap. Because it practically removes the heat from the rooms via the "heating system" and no additional air conditioning is necessary. And that pays off.

Heat pumps for heating and hot water

With heat pumps, you can bring wonderful environmental heat into your home fully automatically. They are ideally suited for passive houses, low-energy houses and newly renovated buildings.

Our sun is the most powerful power plant of all. It radiates more energy to the earth in one hour than the entire world population needs annually. This abundant energy can be used by us without restriction. It does not pollute our environment and also ensures a clean and healthy future for future generations. Use the power of the sun and get the free solar energy as heating or green electricity fresh from the roof into your home. This saves you the running costs for fuel and electricity. At the same time, you enjoy independence from fuel and electricity suppliers.

Here you can see the first citizen solar system in Salzburg on the EZA Fairer Handel GmbH building in Köstendorf. It was put into operation in September. 26 people contributed financially to the construction of the plant. The operator of the photovoltaic system is the Renewable Energy Agency eGen - an energy cooperative that aims to enable the use of sustainable energy technologies with public participation.

Citizen participation facility EZA Köstendorf

Free energy from the sun

The technology in the field of solar and photovoltaic systems has made great strides in recent years. The new systems are particularly powerful, efficient and also attractively priced. Those who use the free energy of the sun for heating and electricity production today will save in the long term. And with the new storage solutions, you can use your environmentally friendly, self-produced solar power even more efficiently. Unnecessary electricity is temporarily stored and tapped exactly when it is needed. And that benefits self-consumption and energy self-sufficiency. There are also attractive subsidies for solar power users. We will help you to find the best variant for your home and to optimally tap into the funding pots.

Fancy a new bathroom, all from a single source

Regardless of whether you want to renovate, refurbish or completely rebuild your bathroom: We make it as easy and convenient as possible for you! We make sure that everything is planned and implemented according to your wishes: from the new wall to the sanitary installation, from the electrics to the underfloor heating, from the bathtub to the towel hook.

  • Your personal contact person will take care of all questions relating to your bathroom project.
  • He will advise you comprehensively - also with regard to current subsidies.
  • He plans your individual dream bathroom in 3D.
  • He ensures that all installations are carried out professionally.
  • He commissions the external craftsmen for you (bricklayers, tilers, electricians ...).
  • He coordinates all craftsmen on the construction site.
  • He controls the construction progress and the quality of the execution.
  • He will take care of the final cleaning and give you your new, sparkling clean bathroom.
  • He will hand you a brochure with service and care tips for your bathroom.
  • He ensures the correct final billing.
  • If requested, he will take over regular maintenance work.
  • And much more.

Let's talk about it, we're happy to be there for you!T 06216 20518

Your free bathroom advisor

Would you like to have a new bathroom and want to know more right away? Then we will be happy to send you our bathroom guide free of charge by email.

Welcome to our virtual bathroom showroom

Let yourself be inspired by the latest trends! We would be happy to plan and build a bathroom just for you according to your taste. Simply call and arrange a consultation: T 06216 20518

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It's getting hot in your boiler. And that on average 1900 hours a year. That is why the boiler should be cleaned and serviced regularly. A clean boiler works more efficiently and lasts longer. Deposits are prevented, energy consumption and pollutant emissions are reduced. In this way you not only protect the environment, but also your wallet at the same time. Lean back and relax and enjoy the certainty that your building technology system works perfectly, that it complies with the norms and is energy-efficient. Our service technicians and system partners ensure this with a service and maintenance concept that is completely tailored to your needs. We monitor, check and analyze. We clean, service and maintain. Regardless of whether it is central heating, solar systems, heat pumps or biomass boilers: Our trained service team is very familiar with all systems and will once again conjure up more efficiency and security in your basement! Benefit from more economy and a long service life for your building technology. Call us, we will advise you.

The benefits of regular and proper maintenance

  • security
  • clean combustion
  • lower consumption
  • higher heating efficiency
  • longer life expectancy of the device

The most valuable thing in our company are our employees. We want to inspire our customers and that is only possible with a team that is committed and professional. That is why we pay great attention to ensuring that our employees feel comfortable with us.

We are currently looking to strengthen our team:


Are you looking for an innovative and exciting apprenticeship? With an apprenticeship as an installation and building technician (m / f) you are guaranteed to start the future in a crisis-proof manner. Waiting for you: Technical training, exciting specialist areas, fair pay, many career opportunities and a good mix of teamwork and independent work. You can find more information at www.jobsderzukunft.at.

HVAC fitters (m / f)

For us, the fitters are the heart of good work and our figurehead for the customer. Your commitment, your specialist knowledge and your experience are valuable - and we know that. So if you have already passed your journeyman's examination and are looking for new challenges, then apply.

Norbert Loindl
managing Director

"Please contact me for your job interview or a trial day. Preferably using the form below or by email at [email protected] I look forward to getting to know you personally. "

Norbert Loindl
managing Director

Please simply fill out the form below or send your application to [email protected]

We are looking forward to your application:

We are HSH installers by conviction. As a member of this Austria-wide network of plumbers, we are committed to quality and are committed to the use of renewable energies. Because an active contribution to climate protection is important to us and a liveable environment is important to us.

Together with hand-picked local craft businesses, quality suppliers and companions, we are changing and improving the way people build, live and live in Austria. Of course, you as our customer will also benefit from our group's wealth of experience. Since we are always up to date on new products, systems, developments, designs and subsidies, we can always offer you the best possible advice, expert implementation and reliable services.

Holz die Sonne ins Haus (HSH) stands for an extra helping of Austria. Austrian craft. Austrian quality products. Austrian fuels. And that's exactly why we are not written with EU like all other plumbers, but with Ö. Very easily.

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