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Search Engine Optimization - A Holistic Introduction


It all starts with three letters: SEO. This is short forSearch engineOptimization (Search engine optimization) and includes all methods that are intended to help increase the visibility of a website in search engine results (SERPs for short).

SEO is roughly divided into two sub-areas: on-page and off-page optimization.

According to its current definition, the former includes all measures for the technical and content improvement of a webpage, while the latter aims to expand the position of a page in the SERPs through reputation.

The relevance of SEO

You may be wondering why search engine optimization is so important. Quite simply: Search engines are still the first point of contact for users when it comes to obtaining information on a wide range of topics and products.

A survey by the Online Research Working Group in June 2017 showed that the use of search engines is the most common way of using the Internet. Accordingly, a proud 92.9 percent of those surveyed stated that they use search engines frequently or at least occasionally.[1]

The presence of your own business in the search engines therefore has enormous market potential.

Top 3 - or invisible on the net

So that as many interested parties as possible can find your offer in the vastness of the Internet, is one professional search engine optimization inevitable. How so? Eye tracking studies on user behavior in search results make it clear that interest in the articles displayed continues to decrease from top to bottom.[2]

The following figure clearly shows that the first three search engine results in particular are the focus of attention. The user only devotes himself to the other contributions later - if at all. These are a few seconds that decide about a click and thus a conversion.

With a sophisticatedWebsite optimization strategy ensure that your content moves more into the field of vision of your potential customers. The higher the individual pages are placed in the organic search results, the more users can access your content. This in turn increases the click rate and the traffic.

But which principles are it exactly that are responsible for one side ranking better than the other? To answer this question, it is helpful to understand how a search engine works.