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Subway convertible


If you want to get to know Berlin from below, we offer this special tour. The most unusual tour of Berlin, because in the evening you go underground in a subway convertible. In an open car you go on a journey of discovery through the Berlin subway tunnels at around 35 km / h.

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During the approximately two-hour tour through the Berlin subway network, a friendly moderator will give you a lot of interesting information about the structural features, different types of tunnel and the history of the Berlin subway.


Due to the current health situation are until further notice no Tickets available!

Vouchers that have already been purchased remain valid after 2020 and can only be redeemed by telephone!

: A cancellation of the tickets is not possible!

Important information at a glance

  • There is no break during the subway convertible tour. The use of our toilets is before and after the tour on the subway station. German opera possible.
  • The minimum age for independent participation in the convertible rides is 18 years. Children from the age of 6 and young people can only participate if they are accompanied by a supervising adult and if the children and young people are supervised during the journey. We reserve the right to exclude children and young people from participation in individual cases.
  • The meeting point is about half an hour before departure.
  • The vehicle fleet consists of a battery locomotive and four platform vehicles with a maximum capacity of 200 seats.
  • For the tour in an open subway car, you will receive a protective helmet when you start your journey, which you must wear for your safety during the journey.
  • We are on the road for about 2 hours and cover a distance of about 35 kilometers over the tracks of several subway lines and through several sweeping systems.
  • Film and photo recordings are only possible to a limited extent. Please note the moderator's instructions.
  • The start and end station is the subway station. German opera. This is currently (as of January 2021) not barrier-free. An arrival via a barrier-free entrance, z. B. via the Zoologischer Garten station is possible.
  • The moderation takes place exclusively in German via a headset.
  • With our tickets you can also use public transport! You can use the tickets to travel to / from the meeting point in the Berlin ABC tariff area for 2 hours before the start of the event until 3 a.m. the following day.

Price per person (full paying): 50.00 euros
From 10 full-paying persons, the single ticket costs only 45.00 euros

Children under 14 years and severely disabled people 80% or more (and their companions): 35.00 euros


Phone: 030-256 25 256
E-mail:[email protected] (e-mail bookings are excluded)