What does Daenerys think of the Starks?

When actor Kit Harrington learned of the fate of the romance between his character Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke), he burst into tears in front of the entire cast. Because despite bad reviews of the eighth and final season of "Game Of Thrones", the series finale was tough. Now Harington offered a possible explanation for why his love story came to such a dramatic end.

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In an interview with the “Hollywood Reporter” the Briton said that Jon Snow killed his lover (who is also his aunt) to protect the Stark family: “Jon keeps in mind: Daenerys or Sansa and Arya. With that his decision has been made. He chooses his blood instead of, well, his other blood. But he chooses the people he grew up with, people with whom his roots lie, the north. He is faithful to these things at the end of the day. With the knowledge he takes the knife to hand. "

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As Harington explained, another scene also made him cry. He was particularly moved that Snow was able to rejoin the Night's Watch after killing Daenerys: “To see how he sets off for what lies behind the wall, something truthful, something honest, something pure, with the people, from Whom he always said was one of them really made me cry. For me it felt like he was finally free. "

Kit Harrington was mad at Arya Stark (Maisie Williams)

“Instead of being chained up and sent back to the wall, he was finally freed. That was a really sweet ending. He did something terrible, he felt the pain, but in the end he was released from everything. "

Harington recently admitted that he still wished for a different fate for his role. He would have liked to kill the Night King himself and was therefore a little mad at Arya Stark, who was allowed to perform the feat.