Where can I get jazz chord charts from

Learn rhythm guitar: Voicing workshop for beginners and advanced players

"Oh, how good that nobody knows that I'm a rhythm guitarist," they say mockingly. But where does that come from? Have you ever thought about the fact that there are very few instruments with which you can play chords - at least in the function of the main accompanist? In pop, only the guitar and piano / keyboard can do that, in jazz the vibraphone may be added - but that is rather rare. That means, we guitarists should actually be true masters at accompaniment and be able to proliferate with a huge chord repertoire, and thus definitely be on a par with pianists. In reality, unfortunately, things often look very different - but why?

Hand on heart: The charms of solo playing and filigree licks are of course much more tempting at the beginning than dealing with a topic that actually accounts for 90% of our work as "accompanying instrumentalists", but which is usually rather a little remains in the background - the rhythm game.

Even if I have to admit that this attitude was softened a little over the course of the 90s by the grunge movement, the topics of chords and tight rhythm playing are still not at the top of the exercise schedule.

But it doesn't have to stay that way, and for this reason this workshop will deal with the topic of polyphonic accord voicings. Above all, I want to take away your fear of these somewhat cryptic-looking chord symbols like C7 # 5b9 or Gmaj7 # 11 and show you how you can learn to understand your instrument better. Now the objection might come up: "That's jazz, I don't need that at all in rock / pop biz!" Not even close! I will show you many examples from the rock / pop area, even chart hits that need chords that go beyond triads and power chords.

At this point I would also like to draw your attention once again to the workshop "chord understanders" by my esteemed colleague Lars Cölln, which you should definitely take to heart as prior knowledge, because a lot builds on his workshop. Now let's go.