What are unlisted stocks

Trade unlisted stocks

If you want to buy shares away from the big media and analysts, buying unlisted shares is a good idea. Away from blue chips to niche companies. Yes, the effort is somewhat greater than trading comfortably on the stock exchange. But it's not rocket science either. Everything you should know about trading unlisted stocks can be found in this article.

The corresponding over-the-counter marketplace

A marketplace brings buyers and sellers together. Even with unlisted shares.

One market place is the one of Volara securities trading. There you can also find an overview of German companies and the corresponding course developments. At the same time, the respective website and sales / profit development of the last few years are given.

Another marketplace for telephone trading would be the Schnigge trading center.

However, one thing should be noted in particular: the trading volume. I would rather refrain from companies where hardly any volume is traded. Likewise, the spread between the bid and ask price is sometimes extremely high, in contrast to normal stock exchange listings. Sometimes it is difficult enough to collect data about the company. Some companies have not published annual reports on their websites, which makes analysis and investment decision difficult. Press releases on companies are just as rare, as there is usually little interest in the news.

Invest away from the crowd.

Trading unlisted stocks - the advantage

Trading unlisted stocks is therefore not particularly difficult. In addition, there are some advantages due to the lack of a stock exchange listing. For example, the volatility is significantly lower due to the low volume. Likewise, there can be gold mines among the companies that have not yet been noticed. A corporate dividend is also not uncommon. Trading fees are very low as well.

Yes, analyzing unlisted stocks is more work. All key figures must be calculated by hand. There is no finance portal that provides key figures from unlisted companies. But that's exactly why, as mentioned above, it is possible to find undiscovered pearls.

Trading unlisted stocks is therefore not fundamentally wrong. However, it requires more work and more complex analyzes from the relevant companies. Should you prefer to trade via an exchange, we have a comparison calculator for you here with which you can find a top portfolio.



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