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Team development - from the working group to the (high-performance) team

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  • Christiane Schiersmann
  • Heinz-Ulrich Thiel
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This chapter deals with the importance of teams and team development (TE) for the OE. After presenting a controversial assessment of teamwork, a distinction is made between 'working group' and 'team' as well as between different 'types' and 'levels of performance' of teams (Chapter 6.1) and the causes and goals of PD measures are outlined (Chapter 6.2 ). In the German-speaking area, six different concepts of team development can be distinguished from the 1970s to the present day - each with its own objectives, individual procedures and theoretical backgrounds (Chapter 6.3). It is about the relationship, goal setting, role clarification, problem solving, experience and system approach. In their historical sequence, they each emphasize important, complementary perspectives on a team and its possibilities for further development. Case studies, the presentation of selected individual procedures and the evaluation of exercises illustrate these concepts. Research results on the effectiveness of team development and group effectiveness are outlined (Chapter 6.4), which (can) provide important information for the design of this form of intervention. Finally, we take a look at the future of team development as an OE strategy (Chapter 6.5).

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