Febreze actually neutralizes odors

8 remedies against unpleasant odors in your home

Do you know that? You open your apartment door and again this slightly smelly air comes towards you. Do you want your bedroom or bathroom to always smell good? Or maybe you've cooked a delicious meal and don't know how to get rid of the fishy smell? Especially on colder days, when the windows are mostly closed and the heating air is in the room, good ideas are needed to bring freshness to the rooms. We have a few simple and inexpensive tips for you to add a great scent to your home.

1. Miracle cure: cat litter against odors

Unpleasant odors in the household can be easily eliminated neutralize with cat litter. To do this, fill socks with cat litter and place them in smelly shoes or cupboards. In garbage or diaper bins you cover the floor with this miracle cure. The porous surface of the cat litter binds moisture and bad smells. You can also contain nasty smells in the refrigerator by putting in a bowl with litter. Don't forget to change the cat litter weekly before it gets too damp.

2. Create a great smell and mood: coffee beans

Fill a mason jar halfway with coffee beans. Now place a candle in the middle. The candle is held by the beans. The scent so widespread is just fantastic. At least if you also have a preference for the mild coffee smell. The canning jars filled in this way not only smell nice, they are also a real eye-catcher.

3. Perfume your vacuum cleaner

Sometimes it smells a bit musty after vacuuming. So just give a few drops essential oils or some perfume in the dust bag - it already smells much fresher after vacuuming.

4. Eucalyptus: Decorative fragrance dispenser

Buy some eucalyptus leaves and place them in a vase. Not only does it look good, it also spreads a pleasantly fresh scent throughout the room. You can also hang the sheets in the shower in the bathroom. The warm steam distributes the Eucalyptus scent even better in space.

5. Neutralize fish odors with vinegar

Fresh garlic prawns on your raclette are sure to be a feast for the palate. The smell that settles in the apartment when it sizzles is anything but solemn. A bowl of vinegar works wonders and also neutralizes particularly stubborn odors.

6. Give the smells from the refrigerator sour

No cat litter in the household? Cut a lemon in half. Remove the inside of one half so that you only have a hollowed-out shell in your hands. Fill this halfway with salt. Now place this lemon half in a small bowl and place it in the back of the refrigerator. The salt absorbs that stale, disgusting smell and the lemon peel creates a fresh citrus scent in the entire refrigerator.

7. Oranges and Cloves

For this odor control tip, take a couple of cloves and squeeze them into oranges. You can simply put this - admittedly somewhat Christmassy - fragrance dispenser into a bowl or wrap a ribbon around it and hang up the studded orange. It is less useful, but it is all the prettier if you place the carnations in a pattern. You can create a decorative element for different occasions: on Halloween you can make a kind of pumpkin head and at Christmas you press the cloves in a star shape into the orange citrus fruit. And you can put up a smiley 365 days a year. 🙂

8. Cook a flavorful fragrance dispenser

Cook different spices on the stove for an intense but pleasant scent. All you need are dry spices like cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves, rosemary or pine needles. Put your selection in a pot with water and a little oil (jojoba or natural olive oil) and let your fragrance simmer for a while. Already spreading the spicy scent in your home.

A clean home simply needs a pleasant scent. Of course, the tastes are very different. Do you have another solution for us? Please leave your tip as a comment!