What is the best perfume for gay men

5 years ago 1

My opinion:
The one has nothing to do with the other. Perhaps there are an above-average number of gays who pay attention to their appearance and have an eye for certain details (e.g. in relation to design, home furnishings, special films / art / theater / dance, etc.). That may well lead to the fact that several clumsy little thinkers add 1 + 1 and alternate addition with multiplication - and ultimately arrive at the result "1": that is, men who are for, for example, theater, ballet, well-groomed fingernails, stylish living and perfume interested, so have to be gay too.
I was and always am thought to be gay and I don't really care because I don't see an attack on my personality behind the assumption. Nobody minds being considered straight.

In my opinion, perfumes are mainly worn by men in certain social circles:

- when they are very young
- if they are professionally and financially well positioned.
- and then there are collectors and enthusiasts.

For me, this covers a very broad spectrum. The group of men and women who think nothing of perfume because it is unmanly or puffy or "gay", for me, represents a group of people who tend to behave homophobically.
Last but not least, there are certainly a significant number of men who do not need or like perfume, but also have no objection to it - let alone have prejudices when others use it.