How do you welcome 2020

We'll give you tips on how to design your perfect summer outfit and achieve maximum instagrammability with it. If you can't or don't want to leave your home, make the most of it and convert your living room into a catwalk instead! Your friends and followers thank you.

Top trends this summer:


This summer, like last year, the fashion world is convincing with bright neon colors. The following are particularly welcome:

  • Neon or poison green
  • Neon yellow
  • Signal orange
  • Highlighter blue

These colors are still very much in vogue. Whether as a total look in the color blocking variant or in the form of pretty accessories such as scarves and bracelets - neon is still one of the most important style trends. You too should orient yourself towards this and swap your muted winter colors in your wardrobe for bright, warm colors. You don't know which color combination best suits your personality type? Let our guide inspire you.


Leather enthusiasts will get their money's worth this year. Originally, leather looks were strongly represented in autumn and winter, but this year they are also conquering the trends of the warm seasons. Whether real or as a vegan artificial leather variant - on the catwalks we find a wide range of colors and variations (coats, skirts, tops, dresses or pants). In addition to black, leather pieces in brown or light beige are particularly popular - they look particularly classy. So even if you're not a fan of the crude material, it's worth jumping over your shadow this year. So you can slowly feel your way around the trend with individual statement pieces such as beautiful leather moccasins. Fashion professionals swear by leather from head to toe in the coming season!

Seventies look:

The Woodstock Festival was a while ago, but the trends of the 70s are still having an impact and will continue to conquer the catwalks in 2020. Colorfully printed retro blouses met mustard-colored bell-bottoms in Milan and Paris, wild patchwork patterns, lots of batik and midi skirts were also represented. As a business look, for example, printed blouses can be combined with muted trouser suits.


Tailoring is perhaps the most important keyword this summer. It describes fashion that is perfectly adapted to your own body shape. As a rule, suits, blouses or blazers are used. This year, pantsuits in natural colors such as cream or beige are particularly popular. The tailoring look is therefore perfect for creating a stylish office outfit - but it is also absolutely suitable for everyday use. Combine your trouser suit, for example, with chunky sneakers for a trendy go-out look.

Crop tops and bralettes:

This summer, fashion enthusiasts show a lot of skin, because bralette and crop top are suitable for everyday use. However, so that you don't look too naked, you should use elegant fabrics such as satin and combine your top with a blazer, for example. Summery and perfect for a trip to the lake, a playful bralette goes well with loose linen trousers. However, it is important that you wear high-waisted trousers. This is not only comfortable, it also looks more elegant. Sunglasses and sandals complete the summer look.

Crop tops and bralettes are also excellent as evening wear.
Cop tops made of satin look particularly classy and come into their own in combination with dark, high-fitting cigarette trousers, high heels and statement earrings. For yourself, however, you should realize how short these summer shirts can be.

Rules of thumb are:

  • Bralettes should stop just below the chest.
  • Crop tops can go almost to the belly button.

Conclusion: This summer offers a lot of space for daring stylings, but elegant and simple looks can also be created. If, for example, the aforementioned bralettes are too daring for you, you would prefer a nice, light blouse in a retro or tribal look. There should be something for every taste and fashion type this year.
After all, much more important than the question of how trendy or stylishly you appear is whether you feel comfortable in your summer outfit. Because only when you radiate lightness and self-confidence will your personal styling be perfect.