What is Sheldon Cooper's MBTI Personality Type

Mind and present

Very nice article.

I have been dealing with typology for years (mainly MBTI / Jung's Cognitive Functions) and have now come to the conclusion that even if ISTPs are among the MBTI, there is still a difference between 'conventional' ISTPs and me. Specifically: The territorial, and from the MBTI functional point of view, my Se is not particularly pronounced.

What I can say is that I am definitely Ti Dominant - when I read Jung's definition of the 'Introverted Thinker Type' there was no longer any doubt.

But now a question arises for me, if you ask me if you can. could help shed light on the dark: I consider myself 'highly', or at least 'extremely solid' schizoid. There are phases in which I 'grow' and am more open, but my natural attitude hits the eye. Especially the conflict that I personally refer to as 'head against heart' whenever feelings spread through me. The inner dichotomy, which I have not been able to unite solidly until today.

That would certainly take time and practice - until that happens, there is usually no one around - or the person who was 'responsible' for the feelings has long since disappeared out of frustration.

In addition to schizoidity, I considered alexithymia, in retrospect my personal experiences offer a healthy basis for both to unfold freely.

But now to the actual question: Typology + clinical pictures (Asperger's, Alexithymia, Schizoidit├Ąt) - the question of the chicken or the egg?

Many of these 'diseases' seem to be standardized on inferior-Fe types, and I am unsure whether the arch types existed first, or whether Jung classified his types including these traits. Do you have any idea which approach would be more realistic?

I think the biggest problem in my case is the apathy. 'Joy' is almost entirely alien to me. I am, no more, no less. Emotionally neutral, to the frustration of many. Many do not understand me, I cannot understand them, and I have to honestly say that the benefits of emotional indifference seem to me to make more sense than making stupid / irrational decisions in an emotional turmoil.