Can basketball shoes be used for running?

Basketball shoes not only for sports

What is special about basketball shoes and why are these shoes so popular in leisure time?

Pretty much every sport has some special clothing or equipment features that are related to the sport in question. Like a tennis racket in tennis or the special protective clothing in football, in basketball, in addition to the special ball, basketball shoes are. These are specially designed for this sport, so that they offer the players good support, stability and improved jumping power. For a basketball player, these shoes are essential basic equipment. But they are also wonderfully suitable as leisure shoes. Basketball shoes can be worn very well as streetwear and embody fashion, fashion and lifestyle. This article will tell you everything you need to know if you want to get yourself a pair of these kicks.

What is special about basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes have been specially developed for this sport. They are optimally designed for fast sprints, stops, high jumps and abrupt changes of direction. You shouldn't do without these shoes when playing basketball. Normal shoes simply cannot meet the high requirements in terms of material, height, stability and suspension and so you risk unnecessary injuries.

Why are basketball shoes high?

First of all, basketball shoes differ from others in terms of height. In this sport, it is extremely important to protect the ankles and prevent twisting. The player changes constantly between the different hall levels, on the one hand he performs quick sprints, then he jumps up again to throw a basket and lands again. As a result, the ankles are exposed to constant stress. Most basketball shoes therefore surround the athletes' ankles and thus ensure optimal stability.

In the cut, however, there are different variants that have been adapted for the different playing positions (each playing position has different movement patterns) and are of different heights. For center players, due to the rapid change of direction, a particularly stable shape and thus a high cut is necessary. Sprint strong players, on the other hand, who build the game from behind, can fall back on low-cut models.

Basketball shoes, what is important when buying?

When buying, you have to pay attention to different properties that the shoes should meet, depending on the intended use. For basketball players especially, the shape of the shoe should be selected depending on the position. Players who often change direction and need flexibility need a lightweight shoe that doesn't have to be that high. Players in the center, on the other hand, are dependent on significantly more stability and should therefore use a high and somewhat heavier shoe that protects you from twisting ankle ( ). In general, however, all basketball shoes that are used for sports should have high durability, good cushioning, high stability and high flexibility. There are also different models with different properties for indoor and outdoor use.

However, if you want to buy shoes as streetwear and fashion products, it is of course less important to pay attention to high functionality. Above all, comfort and appearance are decisive here. In order to choose the shoe that is most comfortable to wear, it is recommended that you order several different models or try them on in your local shop to find the one that best suits you. Since every foot is different, you should especially feel comfortable in the shoes and not blindly trust any test reports. You can also try different models in terms of optics. Basketball shoes are no longer just a functional piece of sports equipment. Special models with new color accents are regularly launched on the market.

Ultimately, the price always plays a decisive role in the purchase decision. However, it can be said that good models are available for every budget. When it comes to shoes for active basketball, you should of course pay attention to particularly high quality and functionality. It is worth investing significantly more money here than for streetwear sneakers for the leisure sector. It is important that the manufacturers' high prices are justified. Due to the high quality materials used and the development costs, basketball shoes can be a bit more expensive. However, they also deliver excellent quality. It is definitely worth spending a few euros more here.

How do basketball shoes have to fit?

Once you have selected a suitable model for you, it is important to choose the right size.
The size specifications of shoes are mostly dependent on the length of the foot. In order to find out the required length, there are specific size tables for shoe sizes ( To measure the length of your feet, the best thing to do is to stand on a piece of paper against the wall and now draw a line along your toes. Now you measure the length. You should always measure both feet as they can be different sizes. In this case you should use the length of the larger foot and can now choose the one for the correct shoe size.

You should also always leave at least 5 mm to a maximum of a thumb's width between your toes and the tip of the shoe at the very front. Otherwise the big toe will quickly hit the front, which would have a significant impact on wearing comfort in leisure time and functionality in basketball games. In addition, the shoe must not be too tight, but also not too wide ( Since each model is different, the recommendation here is to try the shoes on before making the final decision.
So when you have decided on a size, you can either order the corresponding model for a fitting on the Internet, or you can go to a sports shop and get a picture on site. If this model in the selected size now meets the above requirements, then you are now ready to step onto the basketball court with these shoes and throw your first baskets.

Why do many choose basketball shoes in their free time?

Basketball shoes were originally designed for athletes and for use in basketball. In addition, numerous models have now also been sold specifically for wearing as streetwear and fashion products. If the sneakers are worn in the leisure area, functionality is less important than comfort and a convincing look ( The manufacturer then also plays a major role. Well-known manufacturers such as Nike or Puma can benefit significantly from the image of your brand. Their products embody trends and a distinctive lifestyle. In the last few decades it has become a cult to wear sneakers more and more often in leisure time, as they are particularly impressive because of their attractive appearance

Here again the most important information for your choice

So basketball shoes are not only suitable for basketball. You can also be seen with you on the street. They are very trendy and embody a sense of fashion and lifestyle.

In summary, you should pay attention to the following things when buying basketball shoes: Depending on the use, there are of course other requirements for the shoe. While basketball players should pay attention to the cut of the shoes, accuracy of fit, weight, stability and suspension, when wearing them as a fashion item, the most important thing is their comfort and appearance.

Whether for professional basketball, occasional games in the backyard or as a fashion item for style on the street. You are sure to find the right couple for you.
To make the best purchase decision, we recommend looking at test results on the Internet. Basketball shoe tests are carried out regularly to help you make a decision. In the search for the perfect pair of shoes, experience reports and customer ratings also provide valuable information.