Which is considered rude in Germany

Typically German - what to look out for in Germany


The German is punctual and likes to orient his life according to the time. Accordingly, you can find watches everywhere in Germany. So if you have made an appointment, z. B. At the doctor or at a shop, it is important to be on time. And punctual in Germany doesn't mean being there a few minutes later, but preferably even 10-15 minutes early. So if you are in Germany, you should consider buying a watch so as not to miss an appointment. This saves a lot of trouble and arguments. Because being unpunctual is very impolite in Germany and annoys Germans very quickly.

Wait at the traffic lights

Red traffic lights are used for safety in traffic. The red signal with the little man shows that you should stop at the curb until the traffic light turns green. While many pedestrians in other countries don't care what color or symbol the traffic light is currently showing and they cross the open street after a quick glance, Germans remain disciplined. Even on a deserted street in the middle of nowhere, the rule is adhered to and when it is green, he walks across the street. Anyone who does not adhere to this rule can also expect high fines.

Germans like to ride a bike

Efficiency is very important in Germany. And even if Germans love their cars, they also like to go to the supermarket on foot or by bike. And you can do a lot by bike - visits to the doctor, family visits, travel. Some people use it to transport entire parcels through town and act as their own courier. Even in the big city you can get ahead much faster with it, so in some cities the bike lanes are often wider than the space for the cars.

separate waste

Germans like to separate their garbage. What looks like a science to outsiders is everyday life in Germany. Children grow up with it and are scolded if they throw something in the wrong bin. Separating rubbish is also a difficult matter. The principle is a little different in every city, but one thing above all applies: organic waste for food, yellow sack or bin for plastic and finally there is residual waste for everything that does not fit into the other bins. Cans are thrown away at collection points, batteries are handed in separately and glass is separated by color. Furniture cannot simply be left on the street and is bulky waste that has to be picked up or taken to a recycling center. Waste separation is a major German project. Germans love recycling. And you are only really German when you argue about which bin the paper envelope with plastic window has to go into.

clear table

When everyone has eaten, the table is cleared and the dishes washed. In many countries the host is responsible. In Germany, on the other hand, you offer your help and so everyone, hosts and guests, clear the plates, cups, glasses and cutlery from the table and do the dishes in the kitchen. If you don't help or don't offer help or expect the host to take care of it, you come across as rude and arrogant.

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