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Ladder to Heaven shines in Bethel

The story behind it

Bible text: Genesis 28, 10-22

"I'll kill him! I'll kill him!" These words of his brother kept circling in Jacob's head. Esau had been really angry. No wonder Jacob had betrayed her father and stole Esau's blessing. "You have to flee!", His mother Rebekka had said to him. Jakob hardly had time. He said goodbye to his mother and father to go to Haran. Haran was his mother's hometown. It was very far away. He would be away for a few days. But at least it was also a long way from Esau.

Now Jakob had time to think. Because he was alone. So he ran down the lonely street. Only now and then someone would come towards him. "Was it really that good what we did?" He wondered. Now he had his father's blessing, but what good did he get? He had to flee, maybe Esau even found him and killed him. And he didn't see his parents for a long time either. No, it really wasn't good what Jacob had done. He had become a deceiver to get God's blessing. But could God still bless a deceiver? What if God left him alone after what he'd done.

God hates sin. Also with us. God is holy, he never does anything wrong. And God doesn't care if you do bad things. But in spite of everything, God loves you. God is with you anyway. God was with Jacob all the time too. Jakob had been walking for many hours. The sun was slowly going down. Jacob was happy when he came to Lus. He found a quiet place outside the city where he could spend the night. He took a flat stone that lay there as a pillow.

He was actually too excited to sleep. So much had happened in the past few days. But now Jakob was tired too. He had walked a long way and was glad to have a rest. And so he soon fell asleep. But that night Jacob dreamed. It was a special dream.

Sometimes you dream something that has no meaning. But this dream of Jacob was different. It was a dream from God. In Jacob's day, God spoke to people in dreams more often. There was as yet no Bible in which one could read God's word. Now God spoke to Jacob through that dream.

In a dream Jacob saw a tall ladder. She stood on the floor in front of him. He looked up to see where the ladder ended. But it was very high. It went up to the sky. While Jacob looked at the ladder, angels climbed up and down the ladder. It was like a door to heaven. She was right here in front of Jakob. Jakob was amazed. He was down here, the deceiver. He wasn't even sure God loved him anymore. But God was with him anyway. God was right here with Jacob. He sent his angels to Jacob. And then Jacob saw God himself standing at the top of the ladder: "I am the Lord, the God whom your grandfather Abraham and your father Isaac worshiped," God said to him. "Just as I was with your father and grandfather, I want to be with you too. I want to bless you and you will become a great people. Your descendants will be as many as the sand. They cannot be counted. And all the land you see here will one day be yours. " That was exactly the promise God made to Abraham and Isaac. Jakob thought he had failed. He had become a deceiver, but God loved him anyway and promised him the same thing.

God made a special promise to Jacob. (Read Genesis 28:15) "And see, I am with you and I want to protect you wherever you go, and I want to bring you back to this country. For I don't want to leave you until I do everything I have promised you." God was with Jacob anyway. And God even promised Jacob that one day he would be able to return to his family. But even before that, God wanted to be with Jacob every day and take care of him.