What is Canada's biggest problem

The biggest mistakes in thinking about Canada

Prejudice 1: Canada is cold. That is of course not wrong. Otherwise polar bears would not feel comfortable in the Arctic. In fact, however, the temperatures fluctuate from minus 35 degrees in winter in the far north to plus 45 degrees in summer in the south. “So from May to October you can have wonderfully warm weather,” says Ackermann. “It always depends on when you drive and where you are going.” A glance at a globe quickly shows why and where there are lovely warm summers in Canada. Toronto is roughly at the same latitude as Florence in Italy, Vancouver roughly at the same level as Munich.

Prejudice 2: Canada is too far away.Here, too, the goal in Canada counts. The direct Condor flight from Frankfurt to Halifax on the Atlantic coast takes only seven and a half hours. Air Canada flies to Montreal in eight hours. Whitehorse in the Yukon can be reached in nine and a half hours. In contrast to other long-haul destinations, Canada can be reached much faster with many non-stop flights from Germany, such as Thailand, South Africa or Latin America, where you are on the road for at least twelve hours. In comparison, Canada is "almost a medium-distance destination," jokes Ackermann.

Prejudice 3: In Canada there is "only" nature. Of course, the pristine landscapes and wildlife are essential highlights why tourists visit Canada. "A trip to the adventure country Canada is much more, inspiration and well-being instead of just sightseeing," enthuses Ackermann. "It's about encounters and experiences that appeal to the heart, be it whale or bear watching, glamping in the boreal forest, slumbering weightlessly in the treetops or on an eco-expedition in search of icebergs." Canada modern metropolises, a stimulating art and culture scene and an exciting history. "The experiences with the indigenous peoples of Canada never let go of you."

Prejudice 4: Canada can be seen on vacation. "There are still people who think they can bike from British Columbia to the Yukon in two weeks," says the top Canada advertiser. That is of course way too far and nonsense. “But even those who drive a car shouldn't undertake too much. No more than two provinces in three weeks, ”advises Ackermann. It is better to come more often. “We have over 50 percent repeaters and there is a reason.” Canada is 28 times larger than Germany. Travel agencies should keep this in mind when advising and preparing travel offers.

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