Which school has the brightest students?

Talent for the brightest

Headmaster of the "Talenta-Gymnasium" in Geseke, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the first school in Germany that only accepts students with an IQ of at least 130.

? Her school will officially open on August 14th. What does the first day of school look like?

Our team of teachers, music and curative educators will design the rooms with our current 15 5th grade students. You can paint pictures, set up cabinets and shelves as you like. Then we will determine the rules of the game together with them. So far we don't have any house rules.

? How does your state-approved private school differ from conventional grammar schools?

In addition to English, we offer a second foreign language: Latin. Besides that, our students get more lessons, a total of 36 hours. Normal schools in North Rhine-Westphalia take a maximum of 30 hours. However, our children are more receptive. You have to ask for them more.

We also want to better promote the strengths of the individual. This means that certain students who "would otherwise be bored" can leave the class. The teacher gives them a specific task, for example to research a topic in the library. After a certain period of time, he or she has to present the result. Later on, we intend to break up the class in certain hours so that students of different ages who are similarly productive can learn across subjects.

? The GEW, but also numerous experts, demand that highly gifted people should deal with normal students in the classroom. Do you need a separate school for the brightest?

In a normal school, the teacher does not have time to look after the gifted. Most of them therefore have many problems: Many feel under-challenged, no longer participate in class, switch off. Often the frustration also manifests itself in aggression or depression. I believe that gifted people learn better among their own kind. Here you can rather set the pace. And here they experience their own limits much faster.

? Do you want to breed an elite?

No. We only help children develop their talents. Of course, to do this, for example, we channel them through school more quickly. But they should also weed and pottery in the school garden and experience in the nursing home

collect. We value the promotion of creativity and social learning.

? They charge 4,000 marks a month in tuition, including Internet accommodation. Who can pay for that?

We only have one self-payer. For the others, the youth welfare office pays the costs because our students had many problems in normal schools. For the youth welfare office there is usually only the alternative of transferring the children to a day care center. The day costs 230 marks.

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