Why are wireless earphones better

Wireless headphones or bluetooth headphones

Wireless devices have certain advantages over the wired versions, but then you have to decide between normal wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones. Wireless headphones give the user more freedom of movement and the trip hazard caused by a long cable is also avoided. There is no longer any need to untangle cable knots, but which connection for the wireless device has the most advantages?

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There are several technologies that can be used to transmit the audio signal. In this article we will discuss the different transmission technologies of the cordless headphone so that you can make an informed decision for yourself whether a normal wireless headphone or a Bluetooth headphone is more suitable for you.

Wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones: strengths and weaknesses of the individual connections

With wireless headphones, the audio signal is either transmitted using infrared technology or, with analog wireless models, using a transmitter supplied. In addition to the analog version, there is also the digital wireless connection of wireless headphones. Initially, this article briefly discusses all of these variants of wireless headphones and then tries to answer the question of whether wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones are recommended.

In the case of infrared transmission, there must be constant line of sight between the headphones and the transmitter in order to obtain good audio transmission. The newly gained freedom of movement through a wireless device is again severely restricted here. In customer reviews of devices with an infrared connection, reports of background noise appear again and again. The technical advances in recent years have significantly increased the sound quality of wireless headphones, but they are still not at the same level as wired devices. Research your desired model thoroughly on the Internet before buying. Testimonials from other customers are always a good source of information.

With digital wireless headphones, the sound quality is significantly better than that of infrared and analog wireless headphones, as there is no background noise with this type of transmission. Analog radio connections are therefore more susceptible to interference and the digital version is preferable for better sound. In contrast to analog connections, digital radio connections are not so susceptible to interference from other technical devices in the vicinity.

But now to the subject of wireless headphones vs. Bluetooth: With a connection via Bluetooth, there is no background noise, as with infrared or analog wireless headphones. Bluetooth technology is very similar to digital radio communication, but it is not yet as mature. The range is often shorter than with digital and analog wireless headphones, but at least it is better than with infrared technology. To use this technology, the device that sends the audio signals must also have Bluetooth technology. Although this is now part of the basic equipment of smartphones, it is less common on televisions or hi-fi systems. Before you decide to buy this technology for your wireless headphones, you have to make sure that all devices with which you want to use the headphones also have a Bluetooth interface. Customer reviews regarding sound quality vary widely, but it seems that digital radio links produce even better quality.


A digital wireless headphone has a good range and you can also leave the room of the transmitter. This is no longer possible with infrared technology, for example. In addition, there is no background noise with the digital form, as with analog radio connections.

In comparison to digital wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones, wireless headphones are usually preferable according to the current state of the art. Many devices, such as televisions and HI-FI systems, do not have the necessary Bluetooth interface built in to be able to connect to such technology. The range and sound quality are also better developed with the digital radio models. But if you only want to use the headphones to play music from your mobile phone, then Bluetooth can be a very good option for you. Whether wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones ultimately depends solely on the desired area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.

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