Which is the best billing software

Practice IT: Which software should it be?

The decision in favor of a practice management system (PVS) should be carefully considered, as you have been working with it for years. When you start a new practice, you usually start from scratch. If, on the other hand, you come to a practice as a partner, the die is usually cast. And yet a change to a new software could make sense. Before purchasing practice software, you should carefully consider which requirements and functions the new system should meet. The size of the practice, the type of organization and your area of ​​expertise also play a role. Our recommendation: Enter all requirements in a "specification sheet" (see below). Even if this seems complex at first, the effort pays off: With a requirements analysis, it is much easier to find the right software and hardware.

If you have a rough idea of ​​“what” you want, you can set out and find out “by whom”. Good and bad news at the same time: There are a multitude of providers and software packages, which makes it difficult for you to choose, but at the same time means that somewhere there is also a system tailored to your needs. The consultants at KV Bremen can certainly support you in your selection. However, you have to walk a good part of the way alone. Take a look at the PVS manufacturers and their products to get an overview. The Internet helps with this. As a small guide, we have put together an overview of the practice software most frequently used in practices in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right PVS. The following list provides you with food for thought and can help you to create an individual specification sheet:

  • Smaller providers are more flexible, while larger providers offer more security.
  • Who offers regional support? Who is your contact person? Sympathy?
  • Does the system have the most important interfaces: KVDT (billing), BDT (treatment data, for example, important when changing systems), LDT (when laboratory data transfer is important), GDT (connecting devices), KVConnect (message interface)
  • Is it desirable to work without cardboard parts and is it possible with the system?
  • Have you perhaps seen the PVS at a colleague's or at a trade fair?
  • Have you downloaded a free demo version and tried it out successfully? Your practice team is also enthusiastic about the system?
  • The price is right: The costs for all modules (or the complete package), hardware are known. The running costs are also known. When comparing, no systems with the same performance can be found, so what price is a certain feature worth?
  • Do you buy everything from a single source? Then you only have one contact in case of trouble later. The local provider may be the most expensive, but is often well worth the money.
  • Or do you buy every component where it is cheapest? That saves money.

  • Do you want to talk to you about “black” software (preferably with the operating system or office package according to the motto “that's how you do it ...”)?

The TOP-20-PVS in Bremen / Bremerhaven

The links given here to the Internet pages of providers of practice computer systems are offered as a service, as far as they are known to the Bremen Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. This list cannot be exhaustive or exhaustive. The Bremen Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians assumes no liability for the correctness of the content.