What do you smell now

Translation of "Jetzt smell" in English

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Would you say that you are otherwise better or worse or exactly like now you smell?

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You smell like a perfume stand in the Philippines.
You smell like the perfume aisle at a sav-on in the Philippines.
Then smell you like a fir forest.
This will make you smell like a forest.
Whereas you after sweat and fear smell.
Whereas you, you smell of sweat and fear.
You smell like a whole distillery.
Smells like you've been to a few too many happy hours.
You smell after gasoline. I find it interesting.
B., you smell like a still.
B., you smell like a distillery.
But you smell already like one.
Well, you smell like one.
Bertie, you smell like McSorley's Bar.
Bertie, you smell just like McSorley's Bar.
What you smell is my burned relationship with Holt.
What you smell is the burning wreckage of my relationship with Holt.
You smell just like my uncle.
You smell just like my uncle.
You look bad smell even worse.
You look dreadful and you smell worse.
You smell a bit yellow for me too.
You smell a little yellow to me.
He said you smell after goat.
He said you smell like a goat.
No wonder you're like a bioroid smell.
No wonder you smell like a bioroid.
You smell for gas, brother.
You smell like gas, brother.
Smell you the flowers, Miss Billie?
You smell like the Glendale Galleria.
You smell like the Glendale Galleria.
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