When do fuel prices rise

Fuel Emissions Trading Act: This is why gasoline will be more expensive in 2021

Since the beginning of the year, drivers have had to pay higher fees when refueling. The amendment to the Fuel Emissions Trading Act came into force on January 1, 2021. The aim is to make fossil fuels less attractive and to encourage a switch to more climate-friendly alternatives.

  • Petrol has cost around 7 cents more per liter since 2021

  • Diesel almost 8 cents more expensive

  • In return, the Commuter flat rate

Petrol and diesel have been at German petrol stations since January 2021 expensive. Emissions trading for fuels started with a fixed CO₂ price of 25 euros per ton. This makes the liter more expensive Gasoline by around 7 cents, the liter Diesel by around 8 cents. The CO₂ price will gradually rise to 55 euros per ton by 2025. This is intended to increase the incentives to reduce fossil fuel consumption and thus also CO₂ emissions in road traffic.

In 2021 there will no longer be fuel that cheap

In order to cushion the rising costs for drivers, the Distance flat rate from the 21st distance kilometer by 5 cents per kilometer to 35 ct / km elevated. This does not cover the costs, but partly takes into account the additional workload for commuters. For commuters who do not pay income tax, the flat-rate distance allowance is replaced by a Mobility bonus at a rate of 5 cents per kilometer from the 21st kilometer onwards.

ADAC: "Painful compromise for drivers"

Raising the rates of the CO₂ pricing ADAC considers the necessary measures to reduce CO₂ emissions in traffic to be a painful compromise for motorists. There are with it significant burdens connected just for those who are dependent on the car. Only part of the costs was covered by the additional increase in the distance allowance or the mobility allowance, and this only for a limited period from 2021 to 2026.

CO₂ tax - what is the price of climate protection?

Fuel prices in Europe: This is what gasoline and diesel cost abroad

ADAC fuel price app

The ADAC fuel price app helps you to find the cheapest petrol station near you. The app is available for smartphones withAndroidOperating system on Google Play and for Apple-Devices are available for download free of charge in the App Store.

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