Can undercover cops have sex with escorts

Saugerties -

The lives of the Carey sisters couldn't be more different.

While Mariah is a world-famous singer ("All I Want For Christmas") and has a billionaire as a partner, Alison lives with four children on the subsistence level.

Now the 55-year-old is making negative headlines in America because she was arrested in New York State for prostitution.

According to the police, she proposed sex for money to an undercover cop. In addition to being a drug addict, Alison Carey is reported to be HIV positive.

According to the police report, she had advertised her services as a call girl online and then served her clients in a motel room in the small town of Saugerties.

Embarrassing for Mariah: Alison used a line of text from her sister's hit “Fantasy” in her ads: “It's a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby. When I close my eyes, I'll come and take on you - again and again. "

Contact canceled

Mariah had broken off contact with her older sister years ago after she became addicted to drugs.

At the beginning of the year Alison had begged Mariah in a video to help her: “Mariah, I love you. I urgently need your help. Please don't just leave me in the lurch. "

There was no response. The mother of four is in custody pending her hearing on Tuesday.

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