Why do people call a coward yellow

Translation of "you yellow" in German

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They're crazy when they call you yellow.
Today it was more of a "cut it off you yellow thing run up there and leave me alone! ".
Today it was kind of like "get out of here." you yellow one Thing up there and let me walk in peace! ".
Send you yellow flowers when the sky is gray?
He sends you yellow Flowers when the sky is gray?
Carrots turn you yellow, the niacin turns you red.
Make the carrots You yellow and the niacin makes you red.
Mixing red and green light gives you yellow light.
If you mix red and green light, you get one yellow Light.
They give all the jobs to you new guys. you yellow vests.
Stand and fight, you yellow, lily-livered ...
Oh, stop and fight!
If you like yellow girls, I can get you yellow girls.
I'll give you the business, you yellow sea ​​cow!
And you just saved your own skin, isn't that right, you yellow -
Suddenly they came from everyone pages.
You yellow dog of a cowardly Sylvester, you.
I then said Marsha, I have to tell you something it makes no sense, I am not crazy but I have to tell you YELLOW BUBBLES.
I then said Marsha, I have to tell you something, it doesn't make sense, I'm not crazy, but I have to to you say YELLOW BLOW.
I brought you yellow roses, your favorite.
Yellow Roses, your favorite flowers.
You yellow dog of a cowardly cat, you.
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