Does it bother you confrontation

Fear of confrontation? These 4 tips will help you in discussions and disputes

Whether it is about negotiating the salary with the boss, talking to your partner about the future together or asking a friend for a big favor: How often have you postponed a conversation because you did not dare to enter address a specific topic?
New York sex and relationship therapist Dr. Megan Fleming says it's completely normal to want to avoid conflicts like this. Disagreements can be difficult in principle and who would consciously expose themselves to an unpleasant situation if one could do the opposite?
“It's human nature that we don't want to feel uncomfortable. A lot of people also think they can brush the problem under the rug and then it just goes away, but deep down they know it can't, ”she explains. “Waxing is not always pleasant”.
According to Dr. Many Fleming thinks that confrontations can quickly lead to aggressive behavior - especially if the other person has a very different opinion than you. “If you imagine that the conversation could turn into an aggressive argument, then your body adjusts itself to defense and goes into a defensive stance, ”she explains. “We are then at a point where we can no longer really listen to what we are talking to. As a result, we are no longer able to understand what his motives are ”.
So that you don't get that far in the first place and you can go into the next confrontation with a good feeling, we have contacted Dr. Let Fleming give you a few tips and put them in a slideshow.