Why did snakes sometimes make friends with their food

Dream Interpretation: snake? Teeth? Child? THAT are the meanings

Mostly the interest is in the Dream interpretation awakened when a dream repeats itself regularly. After all, there has to be a cause for recurring dreams - doesn't it? For centuries people from very different cultures have believed that dreams are messages from their subconscious and that dream interpretation can give them clues about them. Psychoanalysts such as Sigmund Freud or Carl Gustav Jung have dealt with various dream images, analyzed their respective meanings and cataloged them in the form of dream symbols. The most common dream images and their possible backgrounds can be found here.

Dream Interpretation: the snake

If you dream of a snake, the dream can be a harbinger that you will soon encounter a "slippery" person or that a corresponding situation will happen to you. It may be a situation where you cannot trust someone, or someone you know and cannot control. In general, however, the snake stands for drives, instincts and feelings from the unconscious, which reach consciousness and determine personal development. Often, however, the snake is also interpreted as a phallic symbol that embodies sexual needs - which is particularly indicated by a crown on the snake's head. When interpreting the dream symbol of the snake, always take into account your individual associations in order to infer your personality from your dream. This can be behind the dream symbol of the snake:

  • Susceptibility to illness, depression, disappointment, failure of plans, warning of treachery
  • Indicates bad tongues, bad neighbors, and bad company
  • Multiple snakes: Considered a harbinger of evil
  • White snake: bearer of wisdom or secret messages
  • Red Snake: Announces strong sexual needs
  • A molting snake: you grow beyond yourself
  • Getting bitten by a snake: attack on honor

Dream Interpretation: death

You can breathe a sigh of relief: According to the dream interpretation, dreams of death never herald a physical death. Dreams in which there is talk of death, in which someone dies, we die ourselves or even attend our own funeral, indicate a spiritual death - for example, that the relationship with the people who die in our dreams is disturbed. Even if it is not clear to whom the deceased is concerned, the death is always in connection with the dreaming:

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  • Symbol for the conclusion of a chapter in life
  • Burying an old quarrel
  • Seeing an unknown dead person in a dream: symbol for a thought of separation or overcoming a difficult life situation
  • Standing at an open grave: In real life, a line was drawn - with the hope of being able to reverse the loss after all
  • It's getting darker and darker and you have the feeling that you have to or want to die: Farewell to a phase in your life that has passed

Dream Interpretation: the teeth (lose)

For the interpretation of dreams, the condition of the teeth is of particular importance. So beautiful and healthy teeth indicate success and material gain. Bad, loose or falling teeth in a dream are signs of failure and loss. A tooth loss can be a sign of energy loss, as food serves as a source of energy for the body. But if you fall out teeth in a dream, this can just as well indicate feelings of guilt in love.

Often with this dream image accompanying circumstances or indications can provide more details about the reason for the success or the loss. Also important to know: in the dream interpretation, the upper teeth stand for male people, the lower for female.

Dream Interpretation: the wedding

The dream symbol marriage is interpreted in the dream interpretation as a sign for a union. This meaning is quite broad. The specific living conditions of the person who dreams of getting married are therefore decisive. The most obvious thing is, of course, a real wedding, but not always:

  • Watching a wedding: symbol of emerging jealousy
  • Attending a wedding: great joy, good news is to be expected, singles will bond, married couples should prepare for offspring
  • Wedding guests have: They will lose a lot of money
  • Going on a honeymoon: brings a big surprise
  • Putting on wedding dresses: misunderstandings in marriage

Dream Interpretation: the dog

A dog appears to you in a dream? Then this is probably an attempt by your subconscious to appeal to your instincts. But a desire or drive reaction can also be embodied by the four-legged friend. The interpretation for the dream symbol of the dog is broad:

  • White dog: symbol of a good, pleasant acquaintance
  • Black dog: betrayal by friends
  • Confident dog: often warns of deceit and deceit
  • Being Scared of Dog: Makes you fear imminent danger
  • Attacked or torn down by a dog: warning to be careful
  • Being bitten by a dog: dispute over money, wrong friends
  • Puppies see: They will reap gratitude if they are helpful; strong bonds of friendship and growing wealth

Dream Interpretation: the water

In dream interpretation, water is understood as a symbol for everything emotional and feminine. It can flow through, over, or around things and destroy what is in its way. Water is a primordial symbol that generally embodies one's own soul life with the conscious and unconscious content. The individual meaning results from the accompanying circumstances, whereby the following are particularly instructive:

  • Clear water: stands for harmony as a prerequisite for happiness, success and love
  • Cloudy or dirty water: Expresses mental processes that often have to do with insecurity, materialistic attitudes, lack of self-knowledge or rejected properties and thoughts
  • Troubled water: Heralds stormy times with worries and excitement
  • Seeing a reflection of yourself or others in the water: Warns of self-deception, illusions or deception by others
  • Walking on water: means that you have conquered a dangerous element and / or you are lucky
  • Drink cold water: The dreaming lives in harmony with the needs of his body and pays attention to his health
  • Drink warm water: Can be a sign of illness or a stressful, unbalanced lifestyle

Dream Interpretation: the child

Having a child does not always mean that you can expect offspring:

  • You want to start over with new thoughts on a new path
  • Healthy children: joy, health, happiness and inner peace, success in love and all endeavors
  • A skinny or falling child: Indicates a bad time
  • A fat child: Indicates an unexpected success
  • Seeing a birth: New possibilities of existence arise
  • Seeing the infant: happiness for the mother
  • On a man's arm: a boy is born
  • On the arm of a woman: the birth of a girl
  • Sleeping child: promises a bright future

Dream Interpretation: Flying

The dream of flying is a very classic one when you fall asleep - with or without wings. The sleeping body builds into the dream the feeling of lightness that arises when falling asleep. In this case, the dream symbol of flying can not or only partially be interpreted. Therefore it is important to pay attention to how high you fly, whether you fly with or without aids, over what you are flying and whether it comes to a fall in the dream. As a rule, flying at high altitudes suggests the failure of a goal set too high. Flights without aids can, in turn, point to a good sign for the future. In order to be able to classify the message of your dream exactly, you have to take the accompanying circumstances into account:

  • Flying without wings: happiness, success and enterprise
  • Seeing yourself soaring high: You have big plans that are not always feasible
  • Even have black wings: brings grief or bitter disappointment
  • Flying over countries and seas: symbol of the longing for unlimited freedom
  • Sudden fall while flying: Indicates disappointment
  • Seeing someone fly: brings jealousy
  • Fly with a balloon: Your own wishes will come true
  • Experience a happy flight: You have successfully ignored something

Dream Interpretation: the escape

The meaning of the dream symbol of escape is probably most obvious: You are about to flee from something and are looking for a way out to avoid dangers or unpleasant news in your mind. The dream interpretation succeeds more precisely if you recognize in the dream what you are fleeing from and how the escape will end:

  • Flee and escape from wild animals: Watch out for insidiousness in the vicinity
  • Something is fleeing from yourself: emerging successfully from an argument
  • Help someone escape: Good-naturedness is followed by inconvenience
  • Unsuccessful escape: means grief
  • Successful escape: wishes come true

Dream Interpretation: the food

The subject of food can also play a role in dreams. Sounds nice at first - but what does that mean? Eating in a dream or watching someone eat usually announces a secure social position - provided that you do something for it. Because the dream symbol should encourage you to get involved more consciously in the cycle of life, to be more courageous and to dare to do bigger things. According to the accompanying circumstances, the dream interpretation is different for this dream symbol:

  • Have a lavish meal with others: one should moderate one's addiction to indulgence
  • Eating a poor meal with others: pain inflicted by friends or even loved ones
  • Good food: no need is to be expected
  • Bad food: dissatisfaction, illness
  • Eating outdoors: feeling unwell
  • Just smell the food: bad news is imminent
  • Eating alone: ‚Äč‚Äčloss and melancholy mood
  • Dining at a large table: desire for more sociability

Dream interpretation: typical dream symbols revealed!

Now you know what your dreams can tell you. Can't remember your dreams? Fortunately, that can be learned. Get yourself a dream journal. This can simply be a small pad that you put on your bedside table along with a pen. As soon as you wake up, grab your pad and pen and write down what you can remember. Over time, you will know more and more of what you have dreamed of.

And autosuggestion before going to sleep also helps. Say "I will be able to remember my dream" to yourself for a minute each evening. You will see how well it works once you've tried it for a few days. But always remember: We need our time. Don't expect too much and don't be disappointed if it doesn't work right away.

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