What are the hottest startups in Europe

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The news portal "eu-startups.com" recently published a list of the 15 hottest fintech startups in Europe in 2015.

The startups mentioned are not older than four years and have the potential to make established financial companies work up a sweat.

Here is the list as an overview:


  • Azima (UK, London 2013) - Business area: international money transfer
  • Bitbond (DE, Berlin 2013) - Business area: Peer-to-Peer bitcoin rental platform
  • Cashcloud (LU, Val Saint André 2012) - Business field: electronic wallet
  • Centralway Numbrs (CH, Zurich 2012)) - Business area: Account management
  • Ensygnia (UK, London 2012)) - Business field: Mobile Payment
  • Judo Payments (UK, London 2012)) - Business field: Mobile Payment
  • Credit tech (DE, Hamburg 2012)) - Business area: international lending business
  • Lendico (DE, Berlin 2013)) - Business field: marketplace for loans
  • Monese (UK, London 2013) - Business area: current account without a bank
  • Number26 (DE, Berlin 2013)) - Business area: current account without bank
  • Osper (UK, London 2012)) - Business area: Mobile Banking & Prepaid Card
  • Setpay (ES, Santiago De Compostela 2012)) - Business field: Payment transactions
  • Spotcap (DE, Berlin 2014)) - Business area: Lending business
  • Traxpay (DE, Frankfurt 2012)) - Business field: B2B payment transactions
  • Yoyo wallet (UK, London 2012)) - Business field: Mobile Payment

Source: the-15-hottest-european-fintech-startups-in-2015

As expected, the focus is on mobile payment. But even the current account is no longer a unique selling point for banks. We at Bonpago deal intensively with the topic. In our recently published study "FinTechs are reaching for the icing on the cake in corporate banking - 25% of the business is at risk by 2020! ”We go into the increasing competition between banks and FinTechs.

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