Are gift cards a source of income

Earning money with vouchers: This is how you can use voucher codes profitably!

There are good reasons why it makes sense to use coupon codes as a source of income on your blog. In this article I will bring you my experiences on the subject of voucher codes and explain to you why this method promises high success.

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The advantages of vouchers

  • As customer:A voucher brings your readers a financial advantage. This advantage is rated positively and associated with your blog. So if you offer coupons to your customers, they will always bring a positive experience to your blog and remember you.
  • As a voucher provider: The provider invests part of his profit, which he could achieve without a voucher, in the acquisition of new customers. However, he only incurs these costs if the customer actually buys. Thus, he does not take any risks and can still make a profit through increased sales of his products.
  • As a blogger: With vouchers, you receive advertising material that you do not have to sell. In contrast to the affiliate products that are offered as PPS (Pay Per Sale), where you always have to hope that a customer will decide to buy this product, it is much easier to generate income with vouchers. The reason for this is as follows: With a voucher, the customer receives "a financial advantage". So sales are almost guaranteed. The remuneration for you is also very attractive.

Vouchers thus offer a win-win situation for everyone and are ideal for marketing.

Where do you get vouchers from?

Almost every affiliate network offers coupons. Most providers have extra categories in which such vouchers can be found. However, it is also worth browsing through the partner programs and seeing whether there are seasonal or unlimited vouchers available.

In my blogs I have included vouchers from the following affiliate networks:

Voucher Directory also offers a good opportunity. Here you can display all possible partner programs and filter them according to categories and criteria. The filter offers here z. B. the criterion "voucher code" explicitly.

Selection of vouchers:

With vouchers, you should make sure that they are thematically appropriate to your blog, because that way you increase the chances of generating income. So if you have a blog about recreational activities, lipstick coupons might not look very promising.

With discounts on sporting goods or vouchers from Jochen Schweizer, you will surely have more success. So give it a try - good luck!